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Do You Qualify? Find Out About Being a Member Here:
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Sunday, July 7, 2024

Do You Qualify? Find Out About Being a Member Here:

InterviewClick Membership Information

Do You Qualify for InterviewClick?

Membership is free for both experts and journalists.

For Journalists

If you are a journalist and wish to ask questions, please join here: Register as a Journalist.

For Experts

Experts who wish to answer questions can join below. Free Expert memberships allow you to answer journalist questions and have a press room visible when you are active. Paid upgraded accounts offer additional benefits, including SEO traction, sending news releases, and public ranking.

  • For Free Expert Membership, please join below.
  • To see the benefits offered with paid expert membership, click here. This will open a new browser window, where you can join for paid benefits or simply close the window and complete the free offer form.

Experts who are also journalists may register for both roles.


Mitchell P. Davis, Founder

Created as the Talk Show Guest Directory in 1984.

Earning with the Creator Fund and Discounts

At InterviewClick, we are dedicated to creating a platform that showcases the expertise and insights of experts, authorities, and spokespersons from various backgrounds and organizations. The news media relies on our review and screening of those listed. The New York Times called us "Dial-an-Expert," the Associated Press referred to us as "An Encyclopedia of Sources," and USA Today called us a "Hot Site!"

To maintain our high standards of quality and relevance, we have established guidelines for those wishing to be included in our directory. To qualify for a profile on InterviewClick, individuals and organizations must:

  • Possess a proven track record of professional experience and accomplishments in their domain.
  • Be a recognized authority, spokesperson, or thought leader within their industry or area of expertise.
  • Exhibit a commitment to ethical conduct and maintain good standing in their profession.
  • Provide valuable and unique insights, knowledge, or perspectives that can benefit our audience.
  • Be available for media inquiries, speaking engagements, or consultations, as appropriate.
  • Display a willingness to share knowledge and engage in conversations with others on the platform.
  • Have a clear and concise message, purpose, or mission that aligns with ExpertClick's values.
  • Offer a range of services, products, or solutions that cater to the needs of our audience.
  • Showcase a strong online presence, such as a website or social media, that demonstrates expertise and credibility.
  • Commit to keeping their ExpertClick profile accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to their area of expertise.

Special Categories and Discounts

I. Association Partnerships:

We provide discounts to members of partner associations. Members can enjoy discounted rates, while the association benefits from discounted profiles and earnings from the creator fund. For example, the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) lists us as a member benefit on their website. IMC members can create accounts for their consulting practices at 15% off the rate card that starts at $595 and register to earn with the creator fund. Partner associations like the IMC get free membership and earnings via the creator fund.

II. Public Interest Groups:

Special rates and creator status are offered to public interest groups that meet specific qualifications. Their news releases and blog posts can be featured on The News Council website (www.NewsCouncil.org). We may request to see your IRS 990 to qualify. For trending stories, we also review GoFundMe.com and Change.org pages. The sooner organizers contact us, the faster we can help you grow.

III. Influencers:

Free membership and creator status are available to qualified influencers who join ExpertClick. To participate, influencers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an influencer who has already monetized TikTok or YouTube.
  • Be a bona fide professional expert with a personal website, not just a social media presence.
  • Have a verified LinkedIn profile with at least 100 connections as part of the confirmation process. We can work with PR firms but need to confirm the influencer directly.
  • Align with ExpertClick's mission to improve people's lives, be relevant and impactful, exhibit a collaborative spirit and strong leadership, uphold ethical practices, possess significant media presence, promote diversity, and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

IV. Publicly Traded Corporations:

Publicly traded corporations can join free to send news releases. We need to be contacted by the official spokesperson with an email associated with the company's site. PR firms can set up accounts, and we will confirm they are the agency of record.

Earn with the Creator Fund's Affiliate Program

We offer a robust affiliate program where affiliates can offer discounts and get payouts from the creator fund for their referrals. These referral bonuses are perpetual and continue to pay out as long as the referred member renews. We've paid out tens of thousands of dollars from the creator fund to affiliates. To see member levels or join today, please visit the main join page at www.ExpertClick.com/join.

Contact Information

To apply for discounts and/or creator status, potential members should reach out to Mitchell P. Davis, the founder and editor, at Mitchell.Davis@ExpertClick.com or call him at (202) 333-5000, which rings on his desk.

Take action today and join at one of these links:

Professional speakers, consultants, coaches, or trainers: Join with a 15% discount at this link. Enter the name of the association in the special offer box with "15% off as a member of the Institute of Management Consultants." You'll also be able to earn by joining the Creator's Fund.

Associations, public interest groups, influencers, or publicly traded corporations: Join free, without obligation, below or share this URL: http://www.ExpertClick.com/free. You do not need to enter a credit card. Once you qualify, we'll help you set up the system so you earn revenue based on the popularity of the content.

Journalists can join at: Register as a Journalist.


Mitchell P. Davis, Editor

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