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Do It Yourselfers: Don't Do This!! 3 Things to remember...
Scott M. Haskins --  Art Damage Expert Witness Scott M. Haskins -- Art Damage Expert Witness
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pull tape - Damage Art - Reduced Value
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Do It Your-Selfers: Don't Do This!!!!!

3 important things to remember…

Some people get into reframing their old (previously framed) artwork. Perhaps you are digging out of a bad storm and have stuff to fix. The enemy of this money saving effort is impatience. Doing the job right with patience is particularly important when you are reframing artwork on paper.

There will be old tape (after you open up the frame) and if you rip off the tape... the following WILL happen:

1. You will peel a surface layer of the paper off (see photo)

2. This will reduce the value of your artwork, if it is vintage and has value (this one does).

3. You will risk ripping the paper... which did not happen in the case of this engraving.

This impatient do-it-your-selfer was "trying to be careful", felt she was "an experienced art handler" but couldn't stop herself! The result? A reduction of 20% in $3,500.00 value of the artwork when compared to a copy in pristine condition.

How do you avoid such a blunder? Dissolve the glue of the tape and lift off the tape CAREFULLY. Ask for guidance by a conservator or experienced framer. Be patient! Other tips and free downloads at www.saveyourstuff.com. Appraisal questions? Go to www.faclappraisals.com

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