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Saturday, January 06, 2018



The 2018 Edition of Best & Worst Online Schools eBook revealing its top 20 online colleges/universities in the world along with the ratings of 480 other online program provider schools is being released on January 15th by Global Academy (Online) and Amazon/Kindle Books. The release comes seven days after US NEWS releases its ratings of 1500 individual degree programs offered by US colleges and universities.

According to the originator of the rating service Dr. Fred DiUlus, online higher education has finally bloomed. It has been accepted by all US Dept. of Education approved accrediting agencies, most academics and 70% of the students who have experienced both a classroom and an online course. Almost all universities now recognize it as a legitimate and viable means of acquiring a credible education - anytime, and literally anywhere in the world. The dynamic of education finds online education being cemented into the fabric of the ongoing public revolution in higher education – a fact long predicted, says DiUlus, by the late Peter Drucker, the Father of Modern Management.

Dr. DiUlus advocates that online education and its many variations are the logical choice for individuals who need to up their skills level and improve their potential income prospects. Younger students, he notes, are also attracted to it because they are the most versatile tech-savvy generation and extremely comfortable in accepting the advantages of a cyber education. They are far more adept at it than any previous generation including those working adults who were the original prime target market. As the experience becomes more sophisticated, DiUlus predicts the totally immersive, 3D, game-type reality simulations will lure students away in droves from traditional classrooms. Such advanced online learning is not in the future, he points out, "It is already here"

Best & Worst Online Schools has been accumulating data on institutions offering complete online degree programs since 2002 when slightly more than 20 colleges in the entire US offered accredited online degree programs. The number escalated as the years went by spreading to the mainstream higher education institutions.

Ratings of schools in the Best & Worst Online Schools look at the entire university and its value as an online education provider. Random programs are not considered. Instead of rating 1500 education degrees, DiUlus's eBook is the only online school rating service that concentrates exclusively on the college, their online faculty, and the perceived value the school places on their online programs in relation to the whole institution. In other words, Dr. DiUlus wants to know how invested is an individual college or university in offering their online degrees? Further he probes as to whether or not they attempt to hide the online programs as some separate virus on the school and isolate their programs as separate and less than equal to their classroom offerings.

Dr. DiUlus is a strong critic of institution who promote what he calls propaganda and prejudice against online learning. For the past two decades of exponential growth of online learning programs, the majority of nonprofit college administrations and faculty have shamelessly failed to mention or recognize that both online and classroom based accredited programs must meet the same high standards of US Department of Education approved accrediting agencies. Now, many of these same schools are becoming painfully aware of the economic value they lost by not extending their own universe to online education while witnessing their own classroom enrollments as Druker predicted, decline. 


Dr. Fred DiUlus is an Albert Nelson Marquis WHO’S WHO Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for his pioneering work as a noted authority in higher education and developmental entrepreneurship. See his daily tweets on the latest developments in online education on Twitter @BestWorstOnline.

Fred DiUlus, PhD
Global Academy (Online)