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Deprogram Trump Supporters
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Thursday, December 3, 2020


Killers And Losers

Malignant Narcissist is the diagnosis of most psychologists about Donald John Trump, soon to be former president.  Most countries reaction around the world is that America has defeated a dictator in the election.  The mayor of Paris tweeted "Welcome Back America".  That is the good news.  The bad news is that the military industrial complex and the American concept of benevolent empire will resume its normal course of events.  The lesson Trump learned from his father was to "always be a killer and never be a loser".  Bullying is essential in the Trump tactics playbook.  Follow Trump's lead or be primaried out of politics helps keep congress in line.  Then gaslight to Trump's heart's delight to "prepare the battlefield" for propaganda success.

Time Will Tell

Will the Trump effect last or fade away into pundit land?  Can Trump continue to draw big crowds despite the loss?  Rallies have been his "go to" strategy and are likely to continue.  Can Joe Biden continue to ignore the numerous Trump crimes of self-enrichment and against the rule of law, including his continuing to hold himself above the rule of law and ignoring congressional subpoenas?  Democracies fail when "civilizing forces are too weak to resist the lure of authoritarians" according to an unnamed author quoted on Morning Joe this morning.  Can we resist the lure of the self-styled "grim reaper" of legislation in the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)?  Another Morning Joe expert this morning suggests you need to go below the words used, down to the basic values each of us have, to reach out to those you disagree without being disagreeable.  

Republicans Become Trump Cult

It's not quite the congressman Jim Jones cult that "drank the Kool-Aid" in a mass suicide, but Trump has boasted that his followers would continue to follow him even if the long time New Yorker shot someone on Fifth Avenue.  He has moved his residence to Florida where he can be near or on his beloved Mar-A-Lago country club.  He has remained a media magnet by resorting to one outrageous action after another to maintain media coverage at all costs.

Damage to Democracy

When a president openly breaks any number of laws and norms and gets away with it, unfortunately it sets a precedent that other presidents in the future will tend to follow.  Impeachment with even a bogus acquittal left him largely untouched as Republicans did not find him guilty enough to warrant removal from office.  His willingness to sabotage the mail service to stop vote by mail in the pandemic shows his disregard for the American public, as he and his allies forced Wisconsin voters to vote in person April 7th despite a highly contagious killer virus that killed more Americans (60,000) than died in Vietnam that first month of April 2020.  These upcoming winter months will probably exceed that grim total as we are halfway to a death total that will probably exceed the 426,000 Americans that died in World War II.  Trump's dozens of obstruction of justice charges, ten of which were documented in the Mueller Report finally released last year as Bill Barr helped in that coverup.  He calls the pandemic a hoax and the Russian "hoax" interference that played a major role in his 2016 surprise upset election.  Openly welcoming foreign interference in his election breaks laws not explicitly in the Justice Department "managed" Mueller Report of March 2019 but documented in detail in the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee Report released later.  The Senators found collusion with the Russians that the Mueller Report could not establish due to interview restrictions on the Trump family thanks to fear of the boss, Trump himself.  Obstruction succeeded where it failed in the Nixon case.

Damage to Important Agencies and the "Fake" Press                           

Trump's attack on the "deep state" includes firing one third of the State Department staff and constant firings of honest agency heads who dare to dispute his endless lies (24,000 lies documented by the New York Times and Washington Post).  These decapitated agencies often run now by Trump yes men include the Pentagon, State, Justice, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and many other parts of government.  Normally presidents keep some of the old presidents work and change other parts, only Trump tries to reverse everything Obama did.  Question becomes, was it because he was a Democrat or because he was Black; probably a little of both.  Moderation has gone out the window as Mitch McConnell ruins the Senate abusing the filibuster and blocking all Democratic initiatives during his 14 years as Republican Senate Leader, especially court appointments.  The normal forbearance that restricts one side from over dominating the other in democracies has been violated since Newt Gingrich in 1995 with three government shut downs and continued with the meeting on 1-20-09 of Mitch, Newt, and 12 others to pledge to obstruct Obama.  The press abuse includes attacking any journalist who dares to ask questions about Trump's numerous failings, where Trump plays the "How dare you" card of the imperial presidency like a king would.  No press conferences during most of the election year.


Right Wing Media have paved the way, accepting the Trump lies as verities.  But that is changing as Fox News has come under criticism by Trump more often lately.  The attempt to steal the election is an attempted coup, but it is not working.  Trump followers are chanting "lock him up" about even the right winger who stole the election from Stacy Abrams in Georgia, Governor Kemp.  Kemp has supported his fellow Republican Secretary of State in calling the election accurately for Joe Biden in Georgia.  If the internal debate among Republicans continues, the Democrats just might sweep the two Senate seats and wrest control from Mitch McConnell.  Has Trump finally jumped the shark or will he haunt politics for years to come.  The answer lies in right wing media, will it keep following Trump or will it look for someone new.  Or will it lose its audience while Trump slowly fades away.  Trump, the worst example of extreme empire decay sure looks a lot like Caligula, the crazy Roman emperor who lasted just four years.  Demographics favors the Democrats in the long run, white nationalism may have its last stand with Trump.

Advanced Empire Social Decay:


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