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Dangerous Times For America
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Saturday, January 30, 2021


Overall Perspective

Trump has prepared for the 2020 election with seven phone calls to his dictatorship mentor Putin from March to July 2020.  Then he planned to take advantage of the pandemic and Democratic "weakness" to prefer vote by mail, using state legislative allies to stop early processing of mail-in ballots, so he could declare early landslide victory from election day votes being counted first.  Then he says "everybody knows we won" before these ballots came out of nowhere overnight to steal the election for Biden.  His foolish followers believe him in this charade, thinking he is an honest man unlike the 30,000 lies documented by the "fake" mainstream media.  And of course, the pandemic is a hoax and Russian interference is a hoax, and his job growth was weaker than Obama's second term as he declares he has the "best economy of all time" (one of the lower growth records since 1945).  Trump supporters have been trained to ignore the mainstream news in favor of his propaganda echoed by right wing radio and television and repeated on social media by his followers to the less informed followers.  Cutting Trump off Twitter after storming of the capitol January 6th has led to a 73% reduction of disinformation, but the damage has been done as Trump's hold on the masses of Republicans remains high, though drifting slightly lower as many states show thousands leaving the Republican party voter registration. 

Sedition Caucus

Most Republican office holders, terrified by the murderous mob, initially looked to abandon Trump but now fearing being primaried by Trump supporters in their next re-election are rallying to acquit Trump of impeachment charges. Now most Republicans repeat the "big lies" instilled in Trump supporters in the Twitter days when Trump heretics were mercilessly attacked.  He has learned well from his Russian puppet master.  Trump has learned to never attack Putin personally when he is forced to criticize Russia, especially Helsinki where he showed loyalty to Putin over his own CIA.  Very strange "law and order" candidate who constantly commits crimes to stay in power.  Trump claimed to be against the unfortunate "Defund the police" cry of some Black Lives Matter protesters, even as he and McConnell resist the "Blue state bailout" funds for state and local government that inevitably forces state and local budget cuts in the police force and other first responders and health care workers.  Red states are equally suffering with the blue states as red governors go along with the cuts to their states.  The big lie worked again as 13 congressional seats went from Democrat to Republican thanks to the defund police false narrative.  Draining the swamp is another Trump false narrative as his cabinet is at record highs in corruption, compared to no corrupt resignations under Obama.

White Power Terrorism

The capital now has 10,000 national guard troops to protect from right wing terrorists like the Proud Boys, Oath Takers, and Three Percenters that planned and executed the storming the capitol on January 6th beginning plans right after the election.  Trump put flunkies in charge of the pentagon in December so he could delay response to the mob at the capitol by an hour and a half, as he smiled watching the invasion on television.  FBI violence reports indicate domestic violence in 2019 was about 98% by white supremacy type groups and 2% antifa type groups.  There is no domestic terrorism law against whites, only Islamic terror laws, but the FBI has definitions and laws to work with and has shown ties between congresspersons and the plotters of the capitol invasion.  Treason charges could include such attacks against the US.  Congresspeople allowed plotters to view the capitol the day before the attack despite tourism being banned under the pandemic since March.  Some congress persons were twittering locations of AOC and other Democrats, aiding, and abetting the invasion.  Legal charges should follow.  Photos of the crowd show many ex-servicemen in the invasion, with 20% veterans among those charged, triple US average 7%.

Personal Threats and Gains

I discovered the key to Peace Economics by Ruth Leger Sivard on a brochure from Ada Sanchez of the Fellowship of Reconciliation at a meeting held at the famous Dorothy Patch's house in March 1983.  Dorothy Patch was United Nations Association power behind the throne of Peace Republican US Senator Mark Hatfield Chair of Appropriations.  Hatfield was the only "no" vote in the 1981 largest peacetime increase in military spending in American history, Dorothy and Mark both of Salem Oregon.  Dorothy got the City of Salem to fly the United Nations flag equally with the federal and state flags.  I made copies of the Sivard chart and plastered them all over the state legislative offices.  Then I realized going through my papers two years later that the world did not believe military spending was disastrous for any economy.  So I began testing the Sivard concept for reality and found a near perfect (-1.00 is perfect) -0.997 correlation and a sixty-year fit in the US economy of 0.999.  So I wrote the book Peace Economics in February March 1986.  The popular paperback edition was released that Hiroshima Day to rave reviews. While thrilling most people with my results, including Jesse Jackson, I began getting negative feedback from leftists like Colman McCarthy's brother and socialists like Alexander Cockburn who thought economics dominated the arms race, contrary to even Marx.  A state legislator in 1991 warned me to watch my back because powerful people would want to stop me.  But the SANE Freeze Congress adopted Peace Economy as a top priority in 1988 and had balloons with my 1989 book title Strength Through Peace behind every chair in 1990.  It has been up and down ever since.  One County Commissioner wanted to submit me for Pulitzer consideration, and another thought I had proven my point to a ridiculous extent.  Still denial was strong despite more quotes (five) in the book Planethood than Kennedy or Reagan after sharing a workshop with Ken Keyes Jr. in 1989 at the UN University of Peace in Costa Rica.  Fast forward to the present.  The pentagon (global warming) and CIA (military spending) noticed my work in 2013 and a strange visitor (police? FBI? Military? Intelligence?) appeared at my last public speech at the Peregrine Forum just as the pandemic shut things down March 13, 2020.  The World Federalists have always treated me better than peace people, because they think "big picture" structures better.  In my Gary Gygax days (1964-1974) we wargamers all figured we had extensive FBI files.  I can always use an extra Nobel Peace Prize nomination just before the deadline:


Deadline January 31 midnight CET (Norway time) for Nobel Peace Prize nominations by national legislators, cabinets, and leaders or certain associate professors or higher academics and many other peace related orgs:


Seventeen Key Findings About Military Spending, Empire, and the Long Cycle:


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Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2020 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my expertclick.com website; daily "hard looks" per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year's pace (93/48) so far, this 113 days.

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