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Crisis Management in the Real World.
David Morey -- Dedicated to Helping Companies Win David Morey -- Dedicated to Helping Companies Win
Washington , DC
Monday, April 16, 2018

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Business strategists like Hank Sheinkopf and Fran Tarkenton are looking forward to the release of "Creating Business Magic."

"Business at its best, like NFL quarterbacking at its best, is about strategy and improvisation perfectly balanced. That is the magic that David Morey and his co-authors show you how to master in this terrific book."

--Fran Tarkenton, Founder, GoSmallBiz, and NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback


"For thirty years, I've worked with David Morey and watched him work his magic for global political and business revolutionaries. This book shares his secrets with you—the business magician's playbook."

--Scott Miller, Chairman and CEO, Core Strategy Group


"Voila—a practical guide to using the principles of magic as a leadership tactic to inspire employees and disrupt markets."

--Pat Mulhearn, CEO, NorBelle, LLC


"Creating Business Magic is absofrigginlootely a must read for all disruptors, underdogs, and those willing to take the road less traveled."

--Craig R. Helsing, former BMW Corporate Executive


"We live in an age of magic; an age where new technologies constantly disrupt and reorganize our political, social and economic lives. Creating Business Magic provides a timely and important methodology to help you harness these forces for your own business and career."

--Doug Alexander, Former President, Actua Corporation


"A must-read book that is both inspirational and instructive. It unveils the mysteries of magic while offering 9 strategic guidelines for thinking and acting as a magician—and leveraging this for personal and business magical growth and success."

--Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor Emeritus, the Wharton School


Creating Business Magic




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Hank's latest blog

9 Golden Rules of Crisis Management

Get the questions first. Reporters don't have subpoenas. You are under no requirement to answer before you're prepared with your own answer. A competent PR firm with real crisis experience would ask for the questions, and reply with that most important phrase: "let me check it out and get back to you."

Get the deadlines. What are the deadlines of the non-internet news outlets asking questions? Try to be of assistance and not confrontational. Make it easy for the reporters to meet those deadlines.

Never say "no comment." It sounds, frankly, dumb, and shows that the person muttering those two words watches too many movies.

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"Deal with Crisis as SOP"



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VIDEO: Crisis Management around the world



Nine Out of Ten Experts Agree.

That's the Problem.

Fran Tarkenton and Scott Miller

We all remember the consensus of the experts in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit vote. They predicted economic and social doom for the English without the European Union to tell them what thickness of toilet paper was acceptable to buy.

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