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Crisis Management Expert Says Public Libraries Can Help Companies Survive The Pandemic
Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert
Washington, DC
Friday, November 27, 2020

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The recent resurgence of Covid-19 across the country means business leaders have a continuing need for timely, accurate, and reliable information to help their companies and organizations survive in the months ahead, according to crisis management expert and author Edward Segal. "Although many brick-and-mortar libraries have shut their doors because of the pandemic, they are still open for business online," he observed.

"Thousands of public libraries coast-to-coast offer access to important and reliable sources of information and insights that can help businesses survive — and compete —  in this challenging environment," Segal noted in a new blog post on Forbes.com

In his article, Segal profiles the business-related online services and resources offered by public libraries in Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, Boston, San Francisco, Minnesota, and Miami-Dade in Florida. The article can be read at  http://www.forbes.com/sites/edwardsegal/2020/11/25/public-libraries-are-guiding-companies-to-information-they-need-in-the-pandemic/ 

Segal is the author of the recently published book on crisis management — "Crisis Ahead: 101 Ways to Prepare For and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies" (Nicholas Brealey). It was named by BookAuthority.com as the #1 best book to read on crisis management in 2020 and one of the best books of all time about the topic. Learn more about "Crisis Ahead" at PublicRelations.com.

Segal also hosts the "Crisis Ahead" podcast which features guests who discuss their experiences and observations about various crisis management situations and what others can learn from those situations. The podcast can be seen on YouTube at  https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwx26phRVnXdnnaJt71cqZw, and heard on Apple. Google and other podcast sites including Podbean at  https://thecrisisaheadpodcast.podbean.com/



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