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Criminal Justice Expert Creates Campaign to Overcome the Opioid Crisis
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette , CA
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Dangers of the Opioid Crisis in America


            The opioid crisis has become an American tragedy, taking over 50,000 lives each year due to overdoses.  And it's not just Mexican cartels and gang members who are getting rich over wasted lives. Doctors are overprescribing pills and pharmaceutical companies are promoting drug-taking to doctors as well as through the media, so more and more vulnerable victims, including teens and young adults, become victims.

            What can we do to overcome this problem that is wreaking havoc in American society?  In response, criminal justice expert and commentator on American society Paul Brakke, author and publisher of American Leadership Books, has come up with a program of suggestions and recommendations to deal with this crisis.  The program consists of a white paper, video presentations, PowerPoints, and collection of video shorts, which highlight what is wrong and what to do about it.  To alert the media, politicians, educators, and academics, Brakke has been sending them these advisory packages, and so far he has received commendations for his efforts from President Donald Trump and Senator Tom Cotton, from his home state of Arkansas.

             "We have to do something quickly," Brakke says.  "Otherwise overdoses will continue to result in about 140 new victims each day, and many more thousands of individuals will end up as victims.  What's needed is a crackdown on the main sources of drugs -- not just cartels and gangs, but doctors who are prescribing these pills and the big drug companies who actively promote these drugs through their sales reps and ads."

            Given the urgency of the problem, Brakke has been creating these programs on what we should do overcome the opioid crisis, such as harsher criminal penalties for the drug traffickers and laws.  He also recommends large fines to stop doctors from overprescribing drugs and prevent the big drug companies from using their high pressure marketing and promotional practices.

            The videos in the series provide a visual introduction to the problem which Brakke presents in a series of PowerPoints and white papers.   Now there are three on overcoming the opioid crisis, which are part of a series of 13 videos on how to resolve other key issues, including improving citizen police relationship and dealing with the divisions in American society and the immigration crisis

           The videos in the opioid crisis series include the following:  

Dealing with the Opioid Crisis


Fighting the War on Drugs


What Can We Do About the Opioid Crisis?


            In each video, Brakke discusses the problem, and then suggests what to do about it. In making these observations and recommendations about overcoming the opioid crisis, Brakke has drawn on more than five years of research on the U.S. criminal justice system.  He has then written about these issues in nine books which include most recently: Dealing with Crime by Illegal Immigrants and the Opioid Crisis, Crime in America, and Uncertain Justice.  He offers a unique conservative approach to crime, criminal justice, and American society, based on applying an economic business model.  The goal is to do what works most efficiently to reduce costs and create more productive citizens.  

           All of the videos for his program are available on the American Leadership Books' YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfHgXXiW3jgODnaypgcYZFw.  The whole program of videos, PowerPoints, and white papers will also be available on the American Leadership Books' website in August.

            To learn more, you can get a copy of Dealing with Crime by Illegal Immigrants and the Opioid Crisis, Crime in America, or Uncertain Justice. The books are available through Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores.   Also, free copies are available for government officials and politicians who are seeking ways to overcoming the crisis at www.crimeinamericathebook.com.  Review copies are also available for high school and college teachers who might want to use these books and presentation materials in their classes.  Members of the media can obtain information there, too. 

            For copies of any of these books, more information on American Leadership Books and Paul Brakke, and to set up interviews, please contact:

Jana Collins

Jones & O'Malley

Toluca Lake, California


(818) 762-8353

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