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Creating Brains in Software Video Series on YouTube
Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert
Annapolis, MD
Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Video Series, Introducing Brain Simulator II

3/14/2019 Annapolis, MD—The "Brain Simulator II" and "How Your Brain Works" video series on YouTube were announced today by FutureAIIntroducing the project of creating end-to-end Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).  Both series marry the fields of AI and neuroscience to intrigue the layman and advance the field. Videos at:   http://futureai.guru/Videos.aspx.

"Most people don't understand just how quickly machine intelligence is advancing, it's much faster than almost anyone realized, even within Silicon Valley."  

–Elon Musk

Also, Will Computers Revolt? the new companion book, details the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in an easy-to-read format of what and how humanity should prepare. FOREWORD reviews says, "Will Computers Revolt? is a fascinating and informed look at the conjoined futures of humanity and artificial intelligence." 

To see more reviews:  http://futureai.guru/Press.aspx  or https://www.amazon.com/Will-Computers-Revolt-Artificial-Intelligence/dp/1732687218

Charles J. Simon, Founder, FutureAI http://futureai.guru/Founder.aspx  

The Brain Simulator II videos, How Your Brain Works series and the book Will Computers Revolt? were developed and written by nationally recognized computer software/hardware expert and AI pioneer, Charles Simon. He is noted for two generations of CAD, the creation of two Artificial Intelligence Systems, neuroscience, along with software for EEGs.  Also, Mr. Simon has co-founded several pioneering technology companies in Silicon Valley.  Previous publications include a successful book on Computer Aided Design, book contributions, numerous technical articles with write-ups in Newsweek and other well-known media. Mr. Simon is a member of IEEE, TripleNine, Intertel, Mensa, AAAI, AAAS and holds a BSEE and MSCS.  

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Name: Charles Simon
Group: Future AI
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Direct Phone: 425-765-8162
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