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Covid-19 Headlines & Experts for Interview from ExpertClick.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Covid-19 Headlines & Experts for Interview from ExpertClick.
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Covid-19 Headlines & Experts for Interview from ExpertClick.
1) Panic about the Coronavirus: Steps Companies Need to Take to Address Investor Fallout.  Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert
Panic about the COVID-19 coronavirus among investors is spreading faster that the disease itself. Businesses and organizations that have been affected by the virus — or soon will be — should heed the words of former British prime minister Winston Churchill: "When you are going through hell, keep going." 
Ed Segal -- 415-218-8600    EdwardSegalCommunications@gmail.com
2) How Covid-19 Has Profoundly Infected The Global Supply Chain  Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC CEO presents a deep-dive into the delicate and highly vulnerable complexities of global logistics in his article - " https://seekingalpha.com/article/4326914-how-covidminus-19-profoundly-infected-global-supply-chain    917-710-7209    Albert Goldson    agoldson@ceruleancouncil.com
3) From the Archive:    With the Question of "Will the Olympics be Cancelled"    AroundTheRings.com -- Olympic Games Experts    https://www.expertclick.com/19-1245     AroundTheRings.com (ATR) For 20 years Around the Rings has been "the most influential internet presence on the Olympics" (The Guardian, Feb. 4, 2010). On-the-scene coverage of every bid and Games since 1992 means unparalleled access to decision-makers.    Sheila S. Hula    sheila@aroundtherings.com    + 1 404 874 1603, ext. 102
4) How is that Plan "B" for China? - February 2020   I started with, "Let's start with the realization that plan "A" to relocate operations to China had a major flaw.  If you moved manufacturing to China, India or any other low-cost producing country with the intention of importing goods back to North America or Europe (half a world away), then your plan was unsound!"  The primary focus was on inventory velocity, total cost of ownership and the ethics of investing.  Now we are in the middle of a S^&% storm of COVID-19 with world-wide impact to supply chains and the global economy.
Currently, many air carriers have stopped flying to China.  Manufacturing and services in the impacted areas are closed or only starting to operate again, and many ports are still closed.  Imagine your business not being able to receive product from China for months.  How will this impact your customer's loyalty, profits and corporate valuations?
Apple, GM and many others announced significant impacts to their supply chains that will delay manufacturing with the potential of shortages on retail selves. 
I don't want this to be about how to contain, and the triage of the current situation.  All enterprises have created teams to minimize the impact of COVID-19 related supply disruptions.  We are great at crisis management.
Let's become great at preventing the inferior solution.  So that being said... how is the Plan "B" for your China supply chain coming?  Like many, you have been ignoring the warning signals: now there is a "burning" platform.  Are you ready to take action?  Use this event as your "All Hands on Deck", "Battle Cry", or Winston Churchill moment.What lessons can we learn?
Arthur Koch -- Management Consultant   336-260-9441    arthur.koch2012@gmail.com
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