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Coronavirus – Counterfeit Medication – Leadership.
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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Coronavirus – Counterfeit Medication – Leadership.
Two Corrections for contact info from last week
1) Roberta Guise --   Correct Phone  415-420-6276
Leadership Communication -- Seven Key Behaviors in a 'Me Too' World
2) Dr. Beverly Potter.  
Cannabis For Seniors Contains
Contact by E-Mail Only  ---  Use subject line: Media Request
docpotter@docpotter.com  == With phone so she can call you back
*Counterfeiting, False Product Claims and The Coronavirus, A Very Real And Growing Concern
 SK Worldwide, Ltd., a global brand protection and anti-counterfeiting investigations firm, announced today that they have witnessed a tremendous growth in reporting regarding the availability of counterfeit goods relating to personal protection from the Coronavirus.  The products being reported range from fake face protection masks to fake cure-alls.  As a global pandemic looms, there are those that seek to profit and price gouge.  There are measures that consumers can take to protect themselves.
Kelly Mattmuller
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*Coronavirus and Its PTSD Connection
The coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading around the world and killing people. Governments know that It is reaching epidemic proportions that will cause all of us concern, but for some individuals, it will be worse than a concern; it will be Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder usually associated with fearful occurrences in one's life, such as car accidents, natural disasters, or life-threatening events. But we know that it can be generated by not experiencing the event directly but viewing the event (TV) or reading about it (media) or even hearing about the experiences of others.
Dr. Patricia A. Farrell, Ph.D.
201-417-1827  drfarrell22@gmail.com
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*Leading by Positive Example
Leading by Positive Example
Negativity and discord have reached historic levels in our culture. Most aspects of our lives are widely affected by worsening attitudes, constant complaints and pessimistic mindsets. Like a virus, they spread easily, even when unwarranted.
Negativity impacts families, communities, institutions and workplaces. Leaders see the results firsthand, regardless of whether they recognize the causes. Turnover rises, projects fail to hit their goals, and productivity falls short of expectations. Leaders receive poor financial reports or drops in market share. Studies confirm the American economy suffers financially each year, to the tune of $300 billion, when corporate cultures turn negative.
Leaders miss negativity issues unless they're close to day-to-day operations. They fail to appreciate the drain negativity causes—and when they finally take notice, they often implement the wrong remedies. This response cascade is guaranteed to make matters worse.
Dr. Maynard Brusman 
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 Lifesaving liver transplantation for alcohol-associated liver disease continues to rise
Dr. Jonathan G. Stine- Lifesaving liver transplantation for alcohol-associated liver disease continues to rise
The incidence of advanced alcohol-associated liver disease is rising in the United States. In spite of sparse best clinical practice guidance, rates of liver transplantation for alcohol associated hepatitis are also increasing.  Published this week by Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Drs. Jonathan G. Stine and Jessica L. Mellinger provide up-to-date commentary on the clinical controversy that surrounds liver transplantation for alcoholic hepatitis and review the findings of the recent Dallas Consensus Conference on Liver Transplantation for Alcohol Associated Hepatitis
Dr. Jonathan G. Stine  717-531-1017 
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*Top Four Questions about Real Estate Investing for Success
)  What's good about real estate investing in general and what
does buy and hold real estate investing mean?  
Real Estate appreciates over time (goes up in value) 
Gives you positive monthly Cash flow and 
Gives huge tax incentives (lowers your taxes)
Buy and Hold investing means holding for the long term (More than one year) This is a great way to go because you pay down the mortgage monthly, the property goes up in value, and the rental rates continue to rise. If you do decide to sell there are tools (1031 Exchange) to defer any and all taxes you would earn through a sale for your lifetime. 
Glenn Plantone
(702) 656-3264
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