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Continuing to Miss The Point.
Michael J. Herman  -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force Michael J. Herman -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force
Granada Hills, CA
Friday, September 8, 2023

Continuing to Miss The Point.

Continuing to Miss The Point.

It's A Democrat Blind Spot

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At this point in the political season, the Democrats, (capital D) are playing a new game with the same strategy as they won the last one. The new game is called a Win in 2024. The 2020 Presidential Election was one with the clarion call, "Do you really want this guy again?" Fear tactics were used by both sides to win that election.

 The game has changed.

With almost equal numbers of potential voters on both sides of the aisle, many Democrats don't like Republicans as Republicans despise Democrats. This is a fairly reliable basis. However, the rules this time are not the same and the objective should change as well.

If Democrats hope to win the White House, the Congress, the US Senate, statehouses, legislatures, school boards, water districts, or even municipal councils, the focus must be taken off blame, name-calling, and finger-pointing. Gas lighting must come to an end. More important than even that is inclusion. People feel left out and running inclusion can drive the message a long way.

With all their caterwauling, the Democrats who declare a big tent community open to all, need to start proving it. Build a bigger tent and fill it. With little more than 420 days between now and election day 2024, the Dems absolutely and must start               registering voters!

In fact, I'll go one step further; the Democratic Party doesn't only need to register Democrats, they need to register voters, PERIOD!

Being perceived as The Party of Voter Registration can and will dramatically shift voter perception. Not only do Democrats have to register more voters  (Democratic voters), but Democrats have to make Americans at large feel safe in voting, period. Full stop! By doing so, they will attract a more committed and loyal constituency. By building a larger more inclusive tent and filling it with loyalty-driven members, they can hope for that cohesive majority advantage they have been lacking for years.

By making certain that voters' voices can be heard, the potentiality exists that some who register Read, may vote Blue. It's not for sure, but if the Democrats could seat themselves to creating a wave of voter registration, and make the act of voting, and the American right to vote "a thing" they could significantly increase any political wins that may be forthcoming.

The fact is, people want to be heard. They just don't want to bother if it won't matter.

Conversely, the successful efforts of denying voter accessibility to underprivileged and inaccessible voters over the past decade will continue to benefit red states and conservative candidates over blue states and liberal candidates. Denying this would be the same as pulling a paper blanket over your head during a storm and hoping later that FEMA has enough dry blankets.

While it's true that getting people to vote has proven nationwide to be a massive undertaking, ignoring unregistered and disenfranchised voters is a recipe for political disaster. Making them feel wanted and important will surely bring them into the fold. Undoing the alienation and discrimination Minority Communities have experienced in voting may very well prove to be the Excalibur Sword Dems lack.

Wake up, Democrats! Now is the time of your reckoning! Unfurling the sails with the wind at your back is a much better strategy than scooping buckets of water from the sinking deck and plugging leaks with your finger. Don't later ask how. Do it now!

Michael J. Herman is Critic-At-Large for Luxury-Media Group.

You can read Mike's bylines on https://substack.com/@michaeljherman and  themotivationalminute.com 

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