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Communicate like a comedian - No, this isn't about writing humor
Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert
Los Angeles , CA
Friday, April 24, 2020

Connect with your clients but don't waste their time
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Attention businesses – please stop the tired communications! Write like a comedian!

and no, I'm NOT talking about using humor!)

If I read one more letter starting out with "In these unprecedented times," I'm going to hunt the CEO down and smack them. Now THAT would be unprecedented!

And some companies are giving us stupid information. I opened an investment account at a bank months ago when I actually had money to invest. I'm very happy with them, and they send me a daily, GREAT financial ezine - until you get to the bottom. It ends with a "tip of the day" that is, in my opinion, usually ridiculous! Recent tips were things like "making a budget helps from over spending," and "debt causes stress."

This not only makes me mad, because they think I'm that stupid that I need someone to tell me this obvious "advice," but it also undermines the organization's credibility – you're in charge of my money and that's the best advice you can come up with? Crap I'm in trouble!

Staying in front of your customers is important, but make your communications meaningful!

Comedians are masters at communicating, and some of the "rules" we use for writing humor apply to business writing. And no, I'm not talking about writing jokes. Most of us comedians aren't famous, so you don't know anything about us when we take to the stage. Yet we give you a lot of information in the set up line quickly, so that you "get" the punchline. We communicate VERY well. Here are 4 of my tips for business communications.

Jan McInnis

Keynote Speaker, Comedian, and Master of Ceremonies


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