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Commentary by Gail Winston - MKs Slam Espionage Charges for Protest Organizers: by Gavriel Queenann & &,Settlers are to be admir
Gail Winston -- Winston Mid East Analysis and Commentary Gail Winston -- Winston Mid East Analysis and Commentary
Monday, January 9, 2012

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MKs Slam Espionage Charges for Protest Organizers: by Gavriel Queenann





Forwarded with major commentary by Gail Winston,
Mid East Analyst & Commentator
         Jewish Settlers of today are the "tower and stockade" of this millennium.   The kibbutznikim were proudly called that when were the builders and defenders of the Jewish State of Israel before and after the 1947-9 War of Jewish Independence.    However, the Jewish value system came with the First Aliyah of the religious "settlers" in the 1880s and, forever after.
         Today's settlers in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and what was the garden community of Gush Katif/Gaza are today's builders, defenders, redeemers of our Jewish National Homeland and the brave buffer against Muslim Arab Terror.   The settlers are defending - with their own lives - those good Jews who live in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva and the rest of Israel who dare to denigrate the settlers.
         Today's brave, pioneering settlers are being attacked by Muslim Arabs daily with rocks, fire-bombs, knives, bullets and – at least 2 rockets a day (in 2011) from the 'peaceful' Hamas Muslim Arabs who squat on the homes and synagogues of the 10,000 great Jews who were expelled by other (not so great) Jews from their homes, farms, greenhouses, innovative agriculture, schools, shuls and even the graves in their cemeteries.
         Today's stalwart settlers, men, women and even their children are also being attacked - physically, morally, viciously, legally, (probably IL-legally) - by the hard-core Left within today's Jewish police, soldiers, Shabak, Media, Courts.   Of course, let's not forget the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) funded by the Arab and Muslim world, the European Union, the United Nations and probably by the Obama U.S. Administration.
         Today's vigilant settlers are building homes of pressed plywood.  No insulation, no electricity, no refrigerators, no windows, usually.   Sometimes they succeed to build real houses with their own blood, sweat, tears and money – before the weak, blind, vicious government agencies send destructive Shabak, IDF and Police.  Their favorite time of destruction is to come in the middle of the night and throw Jewish families with babies, very young children and pregnant mothers out of their beds in their pajamas and then demolish what they have lovingly built.  No legal recourse before the demolitions. 
The authorities seem to deliberately select for these noxious actions non-Jews, Arabs and very anti-religious/ anti-settler Yassam troops, chosen for their inner inclination to cruel brutality.   The latest barbarity inflicted on the settlers is when our own Israeli government issues orders restraining them (especially the fathers) from living in their homes to care for and protect their own families and livelihoods.  Husbands are being quarantined from their (B'H - often pregnant) wives and vulnerable children.
         If you don't believe what I am saying herein, the scenes of destruction are often shown on YouTube – devastating for the families and the viewers – but, essential to grasp the truth of today's Jewish War Against the Jewish settlers.
         Today's currently warped Israeli government seems to be practicing the policy of "RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS" – which would be strictly unconstitutional in America.
When will the rest of Israel's good Jews wake up and realize that: Today they come for the settlers; tomorrow who will defend you when they come for you and your family?

                                                  COMMENTARY BY GAIL WINSTON, MID-EAST ANALYST & COMMENTATOR

News: Arutz Sheva
Tevet 10, 5772, 05/01/12 01:54
MKs Slam Espionage Charges for Protest Organizers

Israel's state prosecutors found themselves in the crosshairs after charging protest organizers with espionage.   by Gavriel Queenann


Nationalist MKs lined up to criticize state prosecutors for charging residents in Judea and Samaria who revealed IDF troop movements pertaining to demolition orders of Jewish homes with espionage.


MK Uri Ariel (National Union) told a Constitution Committee hearing on law enforcement in Judea and Samaria that the charges were an "immoral abuse" of power.


"The police and the prosecution put a black mark on Yitzhar by accusing people of spying," Ariel said. "Who is the enemy here? The settlers?"


"The criminal justice system that is actively working to destroy the homes of civil servants and army officers has now turned us into 'spies,' Ariel told the committee.


Turning to representatives from the state prosecutor's office, Ariel said, "You embarrass the legal profession."


Ariel also challenged the prosecutors to charge him with espionage. "I spy! I told about IDF movements in the evacuation of settlements. I am ready to stand trial."


"This is an immoral abuse and criminal," he added. "This persecution must be stopped".


MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) also railed against the decision to charge activists engaged in civil disobedience with espionage at the hearing, "You you are cheapening the term 'espionage.' Have you completely lost your minds?


"What's next?" she asked rhetorically. "Will you be accusing them of genocide? Charging them with genocide is utterly shameful."


Hotevely added, "Your behavior reminds us of dark regimes. Would you do it in Tel Aviv? Would you simply banish people? Distancing people from their homes, their wives, their children - are we in Soviet Russia?"


MK Nissim Ze'ev (Shas) told the committee, "I suggest the law enforcement system to take stock of its soul. It has taken a hostile line and allied themselves with enemies of the State of Israel. To accuse these people of espionage is an outrage".


"The police are arresting people without cause," Ze'ev added. "This is unacceptable. There is persecution and hatred toward the residents [of Judea and Samaria]."


National Union party chairman MK Yaakov Katz told the committee, "I call on every Jew in Israel who sees a military vehicle headed to destroy Jewish homes to inform all their friends so we can go and protest.


"We all received SMS messages about demolitions - are we all spies?" Katz asked. "When will you begin to execute people? The distance between accusations of espionage and shooting them is a short one."


Israeli governments "already killed in the Altalena incident citing the Rule of Law. Indeed, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer called for hilltop youth to be shot. And now you make up dirty stories about us and accuse us of espionage?" Katz asked.


"This blood libel will backfire on you," Katz added. "Your hatred may be the prevailing opinion of the prosecution, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the police. But when you make up dirty stories today, what will happen to you in the future? You won't be able to complain if the same is done to you."


Shas faction chairman MK Avraham Michaeli said, "We are against administrative detention and distancing orders. Prosecute and the court will rule. There is selective enforcement against residents of Judea and Samaria. We live in a state of law and the law must apply equally to everyone."


Rights observers noted that Anat Kam – who passed reams of classified documents to a Ha'aretz reporter – was charged with illegal possession of classified documents rather than espionage even though the materials she leaked contained sensitive information that could have compromised Israel's national security and future war fighting plans.





Settlers are to be admired not smeared


Yesha Residents: Let the Facts Speak for Themselves By Baruch Gordon, Director of English Development for Bet El Institutions and former editor of INN. January 8, 2012




Over the years, many entities in Israel have made systematic attempts at delegitimizing the sector of the Israeli public that lives in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha). The media, politicians and various spokesmen have done their best to demonstrate that the Jews of Yesha are outcasts, on the fringe, and all in all, a burden on Israeli society.


But recently-released facts suggest otherwise. Compared with other sectors of Israel, the citizens of Yesha are outstanding in their contribution to society and take a disproportionate share of the burden in defending the country.


According to statistics from the IDF, the percentage of enlistment into combat units amidst the incoming soldiers from Yesha is 61%, compared to 36% of new soldiers from Greater Tel Aviv and 44.2% of enlistees from throughout Israel.


Students from the IDF Prep Academy in Bet El


Yesha residents have stepped up to the challenge of educating the next generation: 23.4% of the Yesha workforce is teachers, as compared to the national average of 12.6%. Many of these educators work at institutions outside of Yesha.


Religious teachers at a conference in Bar Ilan University


Absorption of new immigrants into academic institutions is particularly high in Yesha. For example, at the University Center in Ariel (in Samaria), 400 Ethiopian students are studying towards their BA and Masters Degrees, as compared to a total of 25 Ethiopian students at the University of Tel Aviv.


Yesha residents do, however, have a weakness: they are terrible at waste production. The average Israeli in Yesha produces only 1.31. kilograms of trash per day, while Tel Avivians average 2.09 kilograms.


The future Tel Aviv skyline?


Women's place in Israeli society has conquered the headlines in recent days, and in this regard too, the woman of Yesha have a higher than average employment rate standing at 64.2%.


Like Tennesseans (the Volunteer State), Yesha residents excel at chipping in for the sake of society. Ben Gurion University surveyed the various sectors of the Israeli public for the rate of volunteering for organizations. They found that 51% of Yesha residents volunteer, compared with 40% from Jerusalem and 32% from Tel Aviv.


A final point of interest is that in a survey held one year ago, 95% of Yesha residents said they led "happy" or "very happy" lives.


Happy Smiles in Bet El


While Israel's electronic media (radio and television) continue to do all in their power to demonize the residents of Yesha and paint them as terrorists and spies, it behooves a prudent observer to pay a visit to these blossoming Jewish towns to judge for himself the nature of this segment of Israel's populace, without the agenda-driven verbiage of the radio and TV commentators.




                                                           Note:  Gail Winston

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