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Can Anyone Be Chosen to Do a TED Talk?
Frank King -- Your TED Talk Coach Frank King -- Your TED Talk Coach
Eugene , OR
Sunday, November 22, 2020

Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian
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The video is of my coaching client Hufsa Ahmad, and it has 86K views. Do you have "an idea worth spreading?" If so, anyone can give a TED Talk and I think you should give a TED talk. Almost anyone can. All you need is an idea worth sharing that you can deliver in 12 to 18 minutes, on anything. You do not have to be a public speaker, as a matter of fact, some TEDx events would prefer that you are not.

TED will your perceptions about public speaking. As with anything popular, TED talks are vastly more entertaining than traditional speeches, or kynotes and more thought provoking than most television.

It's not about you, its about the audience, and what they will learn. From the view of an aspiring speaker, the lesson of TED is that most speakers could raise their game. A few TED talks are by professional politicians or entertainers such as Al Gore or David Blaine. Most are not.

There are more than 1,000 talks on the TED website with more than 1m views, typically delivered by writers, academics or entrepreneurs who have been giving mediocre talks as a matter of habit, and who have been suddenly challenged to stop being mediocre. It is a sin to encourage mediocrity.

Take the risk!

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