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Calm Takes Over the Holiday Doldrums
Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews Michael J. Herman --Motivation Attitude Sales Billionaire Interviews
Burbank , CA
Saturday, December 30, 2017


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Calm Takes Over the Holiday Doldrums

Finding Comfort and Ease As You Start the New Year Right

Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA

NEW BOOK, Rock Solid From The Bedroom To The Boardroom: 4 Simple Steps for Co-Creating Empowered Relationships by Dr. Laura Ciel PsyD and Bill Poett offers a source of renewal and a way to restore the much needed intimacy relationships lack in order to work powerfully.

This new release creates shifts in how relationships interact whether at home, at work, or anywhere else. Start the New Year with the right tools.

"We're so busy we don't listen. This book helps you create the desired connection" offers the authors. Bill Poett is also author of The ABCs of Peak Performers (2012.) They add, "Relationships are the secret to everything and most people can't figure it out. This book clears it up."

Pub Date: Jan. 1, 2018.

$9.99 on Amazon, or FREE download at LifeAdvanceNow.com

For more info: Bill Poett (805) 717-1793 or  admin@lifeadvancenow.com


DATELINE: Los Angeles CA


New book by bestselling author Michael J. Herman, creator of Becoming The Complete Champion; One Motivational Minute At a Time and 13 others is about to release book 14 set to transform the entire educational system worldwide. “What’s every student need that they’re not getting” poses Herman a radical advocate for the Disabled, “An even keel in the pursuit of their education.”

It’s no secret that Education is under more aggressive attack than ever and this is more true for disabled students everywhere. But no one is teaching college bound students with deficits how to conquer and succeed with actual real word strategies. In How To Succeed In College With A Didsability, Herman does just that.

With the release of How To Succeed In College With A Disability; An Insider’s Disability Guide To Your Diploma Herman breaks down all the barriers, reveals the secret doors, and unleashes your student’s accelerated path to college success.

  • More than 50 Ninja Tactics to dominating from Day One.
  • Interviews with leading college educators who specialize in Disabled Student Needs
  • The author’s inspiring story of success despite debilitating odds.
  • The Secrets They Don’t Want Disabled Students To Know
  • And more!

For Media Interviews please contact Dylan Rigsby at (818) 894-4610.

Michael J. Herman
President, CEO
The Motivational Minute Publishing Company
Granada Hills, CA
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