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Bowl Games / NCAA / and GAMBLING !!
Arnie Wexler -- Compulsive Gambling Addiction Expert Arnie Wexler -- Compulsive Gambling Addiction Expert
Lake Worth, FL
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Here we go again the big media hype on the games that promote gambling !!
I wonder how many college students will have a bet on the games and whether or not even some athletes also will have bets on the games as well.
 And how many addicted gamblers made there 1st bet  ever on a BOWL Game
It is easier to place a bet today than it is to buy cigarettes or a can of beer on any college campus all over the country.
Years ago i was on a TV show that Howard Cossell hosted (ABC Sports Beat). The topic was: Does the media encourage the public to gamble? Bobby Knight, Indiana basketball coach, said: "A newspaper who published point spreads should also publish names and addresses of services that render to prostitutes. They practically have the same legality in every one of our states, and I can't see why one is any better than the other" On the same show former baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn said: "Anything that encourages gambling on team sports bothers me. We all look hypocritical but than why are we putting up the odds unless we are trying to encourage it" David Stern, NBA commissioner said: "We don't want the weeks' grocery money to be bet on the outcome of a particular sporting event"
Humm now the NBA  sais we should have gambling on the NBA  games   what a change !
You would not expect to open your local newspaper and get a price list of illegal drugs for sale; But that's just about what you can get today when you open your local newspaper to the sports pages all over the country. True, you don't see drug prices but you do see lines and point spreads on sporting events. Illegal drugs can't be bought, legally in any state. You can't place a legal bet in America, except in Las Vegas.
Newspapers carry the odds in there papers why not add on the bottom  GAMBLING PROBLEM NEED HELP CALL  888 LAST  BET
KIDS TODAY IN HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ARE using the lines and odds from his local newspaper and uses it to set up a bookmaking operations. 
I would like to pose a few questions:

• Do point spreads in newspapers cause a proliferation of gambling?

• Do people see point spreads in the newspaper and think it is legal to place a bet?

• Does the media entice people to gamble?

• Does the media have any responsibility for the increase in numbers of compulsive gamblers in America?

• Does the media give the appearance that it promotes and condones gambling?
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