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Booktrib's Bites: From Greek Myth to WWII
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Monday, September 18, 2023


(NewsUSA) - Made in MaineMade in Maine by Shawn Samuelson Henry

When the mill closes, Edgewater's economy and hope collapse. Hunter's father starts drinking and becomes an embarrassment to Hunter, trying to balance his girlfriend with life on the basketball court. Luna, who struggles with her facial disfigurement, attends in-person school for the first time in her 17 years, but hides behind her hoodie to escape her peers' ridicule.

A tragic accident sends the town spiraling into despair. In its wake, Luna and Hunter become the unlikely leaders of a fundraising project that attempts to make meaning of the disaster. Some Edgewater residents are fiercely opposed to the project, and their defiance becomes sinister. When Hunter and Luna stumble upon dark secrets, they realize the terrifying risks they are taking to knit a broken community back together. Purchase at https://www.woodhallpress.com/product-page/made-in-maine.

Unusual PenguinThe Unusual Penguin by Madeleine MacRae

The Unusual Penguin is a sweet, smart narrative for every child and adult who has ever felt different or strange or who just simply is not like the other people around him or her. Inspired by the author’s own journey as an “Unusual Penguin” and by the journey she watched her son embark on as early as three years old, this story captures the pain of being misjudged, the sorrow that can arise out of being atypical and the transcendent joy that can be found when you discover who you truly are and learn to value yourself accordingly.

Madeleine is a first-time children’s author, a serial entrepreneur, a sought-after business coach, and a solo mom to her 8-year-old son, Noah. Purchase at http://bit.ly/3Xvh8hV.

Town that TImeThe Town That Time Forgot by Elizabeth Donley Leer

Submerse yourself in the supernatural and mysterious as the mystery of Oakwood unravels before you, in this new gothic horror novel. In 1944, Oakwood's town council is desperate to save their young men from being lost to the devastation of the far-reaching effects of World War II, and as such make the unconscionable decision to make an evil deal with an agent of the devil in order to protect their own children, the town’s citizens and peaceful way of life.

Little does journalism student Jim Norton know, forty years later in 1984, that his decision to write an article for his school paper on the peaceful town of Oakwood, which seems to have been able to have escaped the pitfalls of progress, will lead him down the treacherous rabbit hole that just might end with his demise. Purchase athttps://bit.ly/3pgTGcK.

heart of stoneHeart of Stone by David W. Burns

With snakes for hair and a gaze that turns men to stone, Kyra Anastas is a modern-day Medusa hiding in Chicago, making her living as a hitwoman. Feared even by other monsters, Kyra lives a bitter existence. But when a dying billionaire asks Kyra to protect her daughter from supernatural dangers, Kyra is given the chance to be something more than just a dealer of death.

Now Kyra is on the run from mythological killers who will stop at nothing to destroy the girl. With nightmares like a Manticore stalking them through the stadium during a basketball game, a Basilisk turning dinner into a death trap, and a Siren popping out of her bathtub, Kyra finds no place is safe. As the assassins close in, Kyra realizes her only chance is if she faces all her demons. Purchase athttps://bit.ly/44e8NmK.

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