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Bob Turel Earns 2016 Collaboration Champion Award
Joanne Weiland -- LinktoEXPERT Joanne Weiland -- LinktoEXPERT
Safety Harbor , FL
Thursday, March 16, 2017



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Bob Turel Awarded 2016 Collaboration Champion 

March 16, 2017 – Tampa, Florida – LinktoEXPERT annually awards a member the Collaboration Champion of the year because we believe you can achieve your goals faster and easier when you collaborate. Working together creates excitement, synergy and momentum.

The results speak for themselves! Simply set an intention of what you want to accomplish, then find someone with those talents to assist you, evaluate what they have done for other clients, and discuss your project with them to determine if they are the right expert to work with. Result: you focus on what you do best and let them do the rest!

"We are thrilled to announce Bob Turel as our LinktoEXPERT 2016 Collaboration Champion", says Founder, Joanne Weiland.  "When you hire someone with broader knowledge and more experience on the subject, you will save time, money and your reputation!"

Bob saves you time by creating professional videos of you and your organization, or he can be your company's spokesperson. You can send these messages in your emails or feature them on your website or social media. When you get nominated for an award, submit a proposal or bid, enter a contest, etc., instead of having to take time to decide what to say for each situation, simply submit the appropriate video with your message which elevates your status.

Consider hiring Bob to write your speeches and scripts as well. Bob saves you money by assisting you in creating a clear, concise message so your prospects know exactly what you want them to do; making you more money by shortening your sales cycle and closing your sales faster. Bob Turel elevates your reputation by training and coaching you how to feel confident when you speak one-on-one, to small groups or presenting to thousands.

We hired Bob in 2016, to write 4 video scripts, design our presentations and be our company spokesperson to deliver these powerful messages worldwide. We are thrilled; see for yourself on www.LinktoEXPERT.com/video-channel.aspx.Throughout 2016, Bob contacted our members providing suggestions on how they could elevate their status as an expert by delivering their messages via video.

Presentations Coach Bob Turel stated, "Working with Joanne Weiland and companies associated with the LinktoEXPERT family of colleagues has been rewarding since I was first introduced to them. In an age of preferred virtual connections that maintain a personal touch, LinktoEXPERT unites talent from worldwide locations in the most professional and productive way. "


About LinktoEXPERT: Launched in 2007 to make it easy for you to take your business online. Professionals “move in” and experience instant traffic. Qualified members inform, showcase and sell their unique solutions to decision makers. Executives, entrepreneurs, inventors and investors join LinktoEXPERT to collaborate, create multiple streams of income and elevate their status globally. 

Joanne Weiland
Chief Connections Officer
Safety Harbor, FL