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Before You Give up on a Failing Bar - Hire a Nightclub Industry Expert
Dennis P. Gemberling -- Hotel and Restaurant Expert Dennis P. Gemberling -- Hotel and Restaurant Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Francisco, CA
Thursday, March 24, 2016


shutterstock_279766493.jpgAre you struggling just to keep your bar’s doors open? If so, you are not alone. Most studies reveal that nearly 90% of all restaurant and/or bar owners will fail. Even though recent Cornell University studies lowered the number of failing bars/restaurants to 60%, this is still a staggering percentage. Unfortunately, many bar owners close their doors without even realizing where they went wrong. They will never know if one little change in marketing or operations could have helped keep their business open. You don’t have to become another statistic. Before even considering closing your bar’s doors forever, you should consider consulting a nightclub industry expert.

Seasoned Industry Professionals

Hiring an industry consultant will provide you with insider knowledge and tips. These are seasoned professionals who have years of industry experience. This experience gives them a first-hand understanding of what works and what doesn't work. This could provide you with the leverage you need to turn a failing business into a profitable one.

Identify Problems in Operations

Working day in and day out in your bar could make it very difficult to detect any types of problems with your operations. An industry expert will take a fresh look at your bar’s operations and will quickly be able to identify problems within your operational structure that may be damaging your business. This could be anything from staffing to hours of operation, or from your menu to pricing. Even the smallest change could make a huge difference.

Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

As with any business, effective marketing is crucial. You must develop a strategy that will not just create a buzz about your bar, but that will also draw in the customers. A nightclub industry expert can help you create a dynamic marketing strategy that will build upon your strengths and enhance your brand messaging. When done correctly, a comprehensive marketing campaign can attract new customers, keep these customers coming back, and boost sales.

Don’t shut the doors to your dream without first hiring a nightclub industry expert and seeing what he or she can do for your business.

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