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Because Of The Nine Fields
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison , WI
Wednesday, June 26, 2019



Too many people doubt the miracle science of Peace Economics because they don't recognize 1) that I'm honest and my work can be replicated 2) it really does take all nine of these fields that have three years full time work equivalent in each field.  Take away any of these nine building blocks and the theory would be inadequate to the understandings needed to create the precise science models that have resulted. 


A comprehensive understanding of the field of math provides many tools needed for a thorough investigation. "Triangulation" is an essential technique to prove a finding from a variety of methods or angles.  "Differential Equations" always have a sinusoidal solution and this insight is vital to both the long-term economic model design and the long-term temperature modeling.  "La Place Transform" is a technique to highlight time frequencies of repeating events from any data set and leads to a compelling proof of long cycle theory.


"Conflict Simulation Modeling" game design improves judgement and model building skills in a variety of ways.  "Probability" life is uncertain, and probability is extensively studied and used in wargaming.  "Military History" is the ideal strived for in wargame design, hence history is popular among gamers and helps in defense strategy modeling.


"Laws of Physics" the order and precision of the universe and gravity guides much of what we do.  Six semesters of college physics define much of how our physical world precisely works.  "Momentum" defense modeling relies on the tendency of nations to maintain a fixed army or navy size over time, sort of like a conservation of momentum.


"Control Theory" divides into a response phase and a steady state phase.  This explains the form of the long-term model, with a normal sinusoidal component and an abrupt discontinuity to a lower downward track for the Great Depression thirties and later the Oil Crisis seventies.  "Multi-Year Averaging" engineers need to estimate situations various ways, and this is one technique used extensively in my investigation to locate tops and bottoms of long term paths.


"Bookkeeping" is a system of keeping track of data in various categories to give meaning to the results.  Various social data categories help show the depth and breadth of empire decay beyond the economic.  "Present Fairly" is a clause in the CPA financial statement that emphasizes the ethical code of a CPA.  This concept leads to estimations being used to fill in otherwise empty blanks.  Accounting leads to an attitude of forced completion that does not tolerate incomplete pictures.  This discipline makes sure the estimation muscle is exercised and improves intelligent estimating abilities.


"Entrepreneurship" is a skill in organizing and guiding efforts towards a result, as well as an openness to new ideas.  "Decision Trees" show how one thing leads to another, a key investigative technique used extensively in my model building.


"Covers Everything" A legislative internship is an amazing window on how expert testimony in committees sheds amazing light on all manner of human endeavors.  General information can be extremely detailed and informative.  One of my greatest educational experiences was working in the legislative arena. "Social Science" going to hundreds of committee meetings in the civic calendar is also an extraordinary education.  In politics I learned about the Kondratiev Wave 54-year cycle and the importance of nine-year Juglar cycles, two key components to the long-term economic model that economists hardly ever mention much less use.

Peace Economics

"Follow the Dominoes" follow the money helps confirm the nature of military spending and shows how the military spending domino leads to various adverse consequences of an empire society directly related to the military spending.  Politics is perverted and controlled, as is health crime and social-economic consequences.

Warming Cycle

"Evaporation Energy Balance" the Earth's land warms about three times as fast as the ocean, yet energy balance requires this to balance out over time.  Sixteen long term records of temperature and precipitation helped locate the driving forces in this process by dividing the Earth up in various ways.  "Three Cycles Confirm" the 54-year cycle resides in natural, economic, and war timing data.  Relating these three fields helps confirm the bona fides of all three separate forms of the cycle.

For additional information about the seventeen main findings:


See my Curriculum Vitae for the nine fields on my resume:  https://realeconomy.academia.edu/RobertReuschlein/CurriculumVitae

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