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Balancing Acts: Unveiling the Magic of Bowen Therapy
Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification
Phoenix, AZ
Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Bowen technique being gently administered.

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Bowen Therapy, also known as the Bowen Technique, is a holistic and non-invasive form of bodywork that aims to promote healing and balance within the body. Developed by the Australian Tom Bowen in the 1950s, this gentle therapy is based on the idea that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself when given the right stimulus. The technique involves a series of precise and gentle rolling movements, often called a "pluck", over specific areas: muscles, tendons, and connective tissues, and in specific patterns.
The key principle behind this treatment is the concept of the body's fascia network, a complex web of connective tissue that surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, nerve, and organ. The gentle moves target the fascia, sending signals through the nerves deep within the muscles (known as proprioceptors) to the brain to initiate a healing response. This process is believed to reset the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body's involuntary functions, helping to restore balance and promote overall well-being.
One distinctive aspect of Bowen Therapy is the strategic use of pauses between sets of movements. These short breaks allow the body to respond and integrate the information provided by the therapist, encouraging a deep sense of relaxation. I consider this to be the brain/body establishing an agenda for healing.
This treatment is typically administered with the client fully dressed in comfortable, lightweight attire, ensuring it is suitable and cozy for people of all ages. I've provided this treatment to a diverse age range, from infants to those in their 90s, and to everyone in between, demonstrating that Bowen therapy offers benefits for all ages.
Many clients report improvements in various conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, stress, and chronic pain. While scientific research on Bowen Therapy is still evolving, many practitioners and clients appreciate its gentle yet powerful approach, emphasizing the body's innate capacity to heal and find balance.
When a session is completed, the best is yet to come, as Bowen therapy continues this integration and relaxation for 4 – 5 days. Many find that the following morning, the benefits are more pronounced. Let's hear from a recent client.
M.M. is a 71 year young female who sent this testimonial:
"Quite some time ago I had injured my back, and my right leg was swelling to 1-2 times its normal size with sciatic nerve pain. The pain and discomfort was so intense I couldn't walk, sit or sleep without experiencing excruciating pain. I tried numerous treatments, but alas, nothing helped and I endured a painful journey for a year or more. Someone mentioned Victoria helping her carpal tunnel pain. I called and made my appointment. 
"The most amazing result I noted automatically was after just one session. The sciatic pain was alleviated to a degree and each session brought about more positive results. After the final session, the swelling in my leg was gone and so was the pain!!
"Vicki turned my nightmare into a realistic fairy tale!"
As a Bowen practitioner, I know that it isn't magic, but rather that it stands on a principle of frequency and vibration with the ability to gently unravel stress and injury. It is definitely worth trying, especially when other modalities haven't helped.  Be well.

Victoria Bowmann, D.H.M., Ph.D. is a health care professional in Phoenix AZ. Her focus is to empower others to care for themselves and achieve that greatest level of vitality possible. Visit her website at:  MyRealHealth.com

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