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Avoid Garbage Words!
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Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Tuesday, July 02, 2019


An example was in a New York Times interview recently. The interviewer started his sentence with, “So I feel like”… garbage words all! Instead of saying, as he did, “So I feel like we’re in this weird bubble right now”, think of how much more powerful it would be to just say, “We’re in this weird bubble right now.”

Remember – shorter sounds smarter! “Garbage words” add no value to your opening statement. In fact, they detract from it! They are rampant – and the biggest offender is the word “so”. Opening a sentence with the word “so” kills your impact. We see this all the time with our clients. Once you hear it, you’ll see how overused it is. I blame the Kardashians!

Take out the garbage, shorten your sentences and quit “so-ing”! It will make you sound far more powerful in your content and delivery.

Executive presence tip – Carol Keers

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Minneapolis, MN