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Author Creates Music Videos, Song Books, and Books about Feeling Better After Losing Ghostwriting Clients to Coronavirus; Has 25
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette , CA
Saturday, May 16, 2020

Corornavirus and Book Writing


      What's a ghostwriter to do when writing clients are no longer able to afford writing their books and scripts due to the coronavirus? 

      After two months of a dwindling number of clients, despite a few clients fulfilling a long-time dream of writing a book, ghostwriter Gini Graham Scott, who has published 250 books, 50 with traditional publishers, began writing a series of songs, music videos, books, and articles to help people feel better due to the fears everyone is feeling.  Plus some of her songs and music videos point out what's wrong in American society and how we need to start fixing things.

      The most popular feel good songs, which have also turned into two print and audio books -- the Feel Good Song Book and The Feeling Better Song Book, are these.  They reflect nostalgia for the way things used to be, the need to focus on what's good to get through the hard times, and a resolve to fight against the coronavirus. The most popular songs are:

            #1 - "Remember the Good Times" https://youtu.be/ASPwZDTKiQ4

#2 - "Fighting Against the Corona Virus" https://youtu.be/LMZtxgMBdEM

#3 - "Don't Let Today Get You Down" https://youtu.be/hrMxTxnLmwQ

             #4 - "Feeling Better in an Upside-Down World" https://youtu.be/SVkS0JNNBCQ

#5 - "You Can Get Through the Hard Times" https://youtu.be/BpPR2XCSbVo  

#6 - "You Can Cut Through the Chaos" https://youtu.be/5-CIWhklVbs

      As for her songs and videos about what's wrong in America and a call to action, the songs were ironically first written in 1994 and show there has been little change. What was wrong then is still wrong now -- such as crime in the streets, junkies and drug problems, warring gangs, homelessness, bank fraud, insurance rates, oil spills, forest destruction, and global warming.  Plus now there are new threats in the form of a collapsing economy and a health crisis due to the pandemic. These songs include:

            "Are We All Right?" https://youtu.be/worpkeAtlRw  (Though the answer is no)

            "A Shot in the Dark" https://youtu.be/CFymL1hdCIk (About stopping the violence)

            "I'll Put Another Log on the Fire" https://youtu.be/05sJcec96JM (About tuning out the struggles of today by putting another log on the fire).

            "Are We All Right?" has even been turned into an illustrated print and audio book, with a link at https://www.amazon.com/Are-We-All-Right-about/dp/B088BCN13T

      It's no wonder everyone is fearful and anxious today, and as an antidote to that, Scott has put together an inspirational book featuring words of wisdom from over 100 well-known experts and influencers in How to Understand and Deal with Your Fear and Anxiety¸ which feature a calming image on the cover of a man meditating by the water.


            In Scott's view, after writing all these songs, videos, and books about overcoming our fears and about everything else that's wrong with the world, we need to look for ways to work together to find solutions.  We have to look past the problems of today to find solutions.  As to what to do, Scott leaves that to others from politicians and government officials to everyday citizens. Her books, songs, videos, and articles are designed to be a call to action, so others can decide what actions to take.

            As for who Gini Graham Scott is, she is the CEO of Changemakers Publishing and Writing, which features books on self-help, memoirs, social issues, and criminal justice. She also helps clients with self-publishing and ghostwriting their books. She has published over 250 books, 50 with traditional publishers.  Her website to help writers find publishers is at www.publishersagentsfilms.com.

      For more information, to get PDFs of books, and to set up interviews, please contact:


Jana Collins

Jones & O'Malley

Toluca Lake, California

(818) 762-8353



Nancy Parker

Executive Assistant

Changemakers Publishing

Lafayette, California

(925) 385-0608



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