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Art Rios, Author of 'Let's Talk', on Losing 'Covid-20 Pounds' from 'Let's Talk Podcast Series
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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Art Rios, Author of 'Let's Talk', on Losing 'Covid-20 Pounds' from 'Let's Talk Podcast SeriesArt Rios, Author of 'Let's Talk', on Losing that 'Covid-20 Pounds' from his 'Let's Talk Podcasts to Accompany Book: Art Rios, a lawyer by trade, has personable self-help book, "Let's Talk...About Making Your Life Exciting, Easier and Exceptional," that is partnered with a series of podcasts with advice of different sorts. In this segment, Art talks about trying to lose the pounds many of us gained during the pandemic lockdown over the last eight-months, especially as we look towards possibly being with family and friends during the holidays, well hopefully. Art admits his 'Covid-20 Pounds' is actually 30 and goes into some of the common sense tactics he has employed to lose the first ten, i.e. not eating after 9:00 pm, cutting down on alcohol and others.To hear more podcasts and purchase the book go to https://riostalks.com/Can you look back at your life and say you have no regrets? Are you bogged down by the meaningless complexities of the world? In his witty, conversational book, Let’s Talk…About Making Your Life Exciting, Easier and Exceptional, debut author Art Rios wants to make sure his readers know that it’s never too late to make your life exciting, easier, and exceptional.“When, where, why, and how did life stop being exciting and straightforward?” Rios asks. “We’ve taken on so much stress and worry. All the time. But why? For what?”In each of his “talks,” Rios offers fun, simple ways you can improve your life today. It can be as easy as spending more time with family, relaxing with a long lunch, or enjoying a lazy Sunday in your pajamas. “Improving your life doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Rios. “It’s just a matter of putting a little common sense and thought into the way you’re living your life.”The power of Art Rios’ positivity shines through in this life-changing book. Highly recommended!Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review, 5-starsA trial lawyer by profession, a student of humanity by choice, and a friend to all by nature, Rios was inspired to write Let’s Talk because of the ways he saw people overcomplicating their lives. “I’m someone people gravitate to for help,” Rios says. “I care about people, always have, and this connection gave me inspiration to write Let’s Talk.” In a time when the world looks bleaker than ever, Rios encourages his readers to concentrate on the here and now, to disengage from the sometimes toxic environment of social media, and to focus on what matters most—spending time with family and friends, being thankful for the things you do have, and unwinding with a glass of wine.Here are a few topics that Rios covers in his “talks”:1. The art of Happy Hour2. How to be yourself3. How to simplify and declutter your life4. The power of kindness and gratitude5. A balanced life of pleasure and responsibility6. Disconnecting from technology7. The importance of the lunch breakThis book is so full of healthy, helpful energy that it just soars!-Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer, 5-starsRios is a man who strongly believes in enjoying the best that life has to offer. He wants to encourage others that it’s okay to enjoy life, that it’s okay to take time off from the rat race, and that it’s okay to indulge a little. Rios takes care not to advocate for decadence and debauchery, but deftly argues that life is too short to be miserable, so don’t be afraid to live!Rios says, “I firmly believe that whether you’re 18 or 80, it’s never too late to make the most of your life.”

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