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Are You Ready To Catch The Covid Vaccine Dating Wave This Summer?g?
Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC -- Dating and Relationship Expert Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC -- Dating and Relationship Expert
Washington, DC
Saturday, May 22, 2021


Are you ready to catch the Covid Vaccine Dating Wave this summer?

We are in unprecedented times.   We've been socially distancing from most of the world for over a year.  We've endured Zoom gathering, wearing masks to most places where we see with people, been ordering our food and supplies online and have been keeping 6 feet away from strangers and those not in our immediate bubble. 

Now add being single and not having a companion into the mix and for those who are motivated to marry, these individuals have a great desire to find a life partner to have their dream of becoming part of a coupled life a reality.

And with the vaccine roll out, many people are now vaccinated or will be soon within a month's time.  That makes this time open season for dating!

However, not that all people have been forgoing dating during the last year.  Some have put their fears aside and have bravely ventured online for both dating sites and online speed dating events.  And others have asked their friends and social network to introduce them to their single and searching friends. 

Are you ready to get out there to meet new people for dating?

And if not, what's getting in your way?

My recommendation is to have dating be a priority for you NOW!!

Recently I have been prodding my clients to put the time and energy into online dating.  Hands down, that has been the most successful way for my clients to meet the one.  Pick one site that is a household name with thee greatest number of people in your local area and another one that is a niche site, based upon some affiliation you have, be it religion, age or characterizing yourself as a geek or fitness fanatic.

And with online date, you just have to know how to weed through scammers and notice the gems.  Then, you'll need to have a way to get their attention, connect with them and to finally get off the dating sites.  (Isn't that the ultimate goal?).  When my client meets another motivated person, it doesn't take that long to move from messaging to a video meeting or phone call and then meeting in person.  I train my clients not to be penpals!!

There's a proven way to express yourself in a way in your profile that will attract the right one.  Also, I show my clients how to read profiles and gleam them for what really matters. This is why over 80% of my successfully coupled clients have met their life partners from an online dating site.

The next top way my clients meet their true love partner is through a personal introduction.  However, just asking, "Who do you know?" will most likely come up with, "I can't think of anyone right now".  I teach my clients how to ask for help and to share their 30 second infomercial with those helpful connectors in their life. 

Last, where you spend your time when you are not working matters.  I teach my clients to be strategic - be it a fundraiser for a passionate cause you truly believe in, or a hobby or sports group that you enjoy.  And, yes, people can meet someone at work.  However, today, one has to be careful about company policy about dating at work!

From my prospective clients I always hear, "I've done that before and it doesn't work".  And my response is, "you haven't done it with my help and methodology!".  And time and time, I prove that it does work!

If you don't want to miss this incredible wave right now for you to meet seriously searching quality singles and would appreciate support to help you maximize this opportunity, then let's talk!  www.talkwithcoachamy.com.

Wishing you the best of life and love,


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