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Are All-Hands Meetings Worth the Bother?
Rick Maurer -- Change Management Expert Rick Maurer -- Change Management Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Arlington, VA
Tuesday, October 23, 2018


. . . or any other big meeting for that matter?

I've attended a lot of dreadful big meetings. Sometimes they're called all-hands meetings, town halls, or something else. These big meetings usually involve almost everyone in the organization.

I wondered if other people had the same cynical reaction that I did to these meetings. So, I conducted a survey. I invited people on my mailing list to answer the three questions listed below, and I got 144 responses. These are men and women who are leaders at all levels in their organizations, consultants and educators, and others who just seem interested in the human part of making organizations work.  

Here is a link to the white paper I just wrote. In addition to the summary of what I learned, I include verbatim comments from people who responded. Those comments are like a master class in what we ought to pay attention to when we are considering putting together big meetings.


I hope you find this paper useful.

-       Rick Maurer

Rick Maurer is an advisor to leaders in organizations on how to Lead Change without Migraines (tm)

The Energy Bar (tm) is a new tool that he uses to help clients get at the heart of what it takes to build support for any type of change almost instantly. (www.energybartools.com) He is author of Feedback Toolkit (Productivity Press 1994, revised 2011) Beyond the Wall of Resistance (Bard Press 1996, revised 2010) and Why Don't You Want What I Want? (Bard Press 2002)..

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