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An Open Letter to California
Michael J. Herman  -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force Michael J. Herman -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

An Open Letter to California

Dear California:

 The following commentary represents a clear solution to the boondoggles not being addressed by leaders in California. We the people will suffer the follies if things do not change.


 Michael J. Herman

 No matter who wins, California looses.

Today will decide the contentious division in California's Gubernatorial Recall Election, but no matter who wins, California loses.

 California loses, because throughout the entire recall process no one has seriously addressed the most important issues facing the state. Because of this singular fact, the entire state comes out the loser.

 The issues exceed the boundaries of Progressive vs. Conservative. The rhetoric and hyperbole from both drowns out any and all distraction from the threats the state faces on an almost biblical scale.

 With wild fires now a calendared event that has no specific season, why hasn't any candidate or legislator proposed the acquisition of an armada of fire fighting super soaker  copters and aircraft?

 What is the downside to prioritizing fire safety? Is there a wing in the California Legislature that is Pro Wildfire? Are there politicians whose loyalties lie with devastation and loss of life? Who are they? Let them be seen in the light of the glow of the fires.

 It's clear that a workable plan is needed.

 The cost of super tankers can be amortized and eased by loaning/renting the assets to other states and countries. But even if they sit dormant on the tarmac waiting to be activated, isn't it worth it?

 The need for a practical/pragmatic solution to the state's fire crises is only matched if not exceeded by the state's need for more water resources.

 Israel, a country built in the middle of perhaps the most arid desert environment on Earth desalinates enough water from the Mediterranean Sea to supply its entire population. Why doesn't California do the same? When will we finally        "sea" the light?

 It's shocking that a state built on a desert plane is so low on water supply? I mean, it's not as though California has an endless supply of water just sitting off the...

 Wait a minute!

 The Pacific Ocean is right there! Right next to California is an ocean that generously offers its water supply with every lap of the tide.

 But California hasn't built a new reservoir in nearly 30 years. What's more is the majority of our precious rainfall is wasted in sewage to the ocean.

 And to make things even more nutty, San Joaquin Valley's sacrosanct Almond Industry diverts so much needed water from the drought weary state that almonds may soon be worshiped as hydro-kinetic deities.

 When you get right down to it, what is killing California the fastest is the complete absence of leadership. With a vacuum void of new and dynamic ideas to solve the biggest and most pressing issues of our time, one has to wonder, will California survive? I mean the Recall?

 Michael J. Herman is an award winning Professional Writer and Motivational Speaker.


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