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An Agenda for Healing
Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification Victoria Bowmann -- Cleansing and Detoxification
Phoenix , AZ
Tuesday, April 02, 2013

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When one is feeling poorly or in pain, we want help, relief, resolution, and if it's me, I want it as soon as possible. How about you? Certainly, a proactive approach is "locking the barn door before the horses get out", but sometimes things happen and illness or disease occurs when it is least expected.

One afternoon I was treating a man with a painful right shoulder restriction. He was unable to raise his arm above the shoulder. The treatment was Bowmann's Bowen and when we were finished, he replied that it was no better. This is occasionally a response, so I explained his aftercare and away he went. One week later, he returned for a second session, having seen no improvement.

Again, I did the appropriate treatment, and when I was finished, he had full range of motion without pain. He looked at me with puzzled eyes and asked why I hadn't done this the first time. I smiled and explained that sometimes a right shoulder problem can have a 'gall bladder' connection. In the previous week, perhaps his body had attended to this weakness so that the subsequent treatment would release the limitations in the shoulder.

That's what I call an agenda for healing. Many times, one is so ill that whatever treatment one gets doesn't 'seem' to be doing anything. When in fact, the body is dealing with, or attending to, whatever it can. Sometimes we can't take on the big problem, but we can resolve several little ones and reduce the load or challenge on the body.

As an analogy, I might not be able to clean the entire house, but I can empty the trash and wash a load of dirty clothes. That might not be much, but at least something was done. It's moving in the right direction.

Intestinal issues are much this way. When one has constipation, they often think if they have a good elimination the problem is solved. While the symptom is relieved, the problem probably isn't solved. One must look at numerous factors that are contributing to the constipation.

First, thyroid hormones need to be evaluated. Someone with low thyroid often struggles with constipation. Next, we look at digestion and food combinations. If one doesn't digest their food well, how will we get our nutrients and encourage elimination of the waste products? Reaching for a laxative might also give temporary relief, but continued use will compound the problem. Many laxatives, both over the counter and herbal, loose effectiveness over time or one become dependant on them.

Our first line of defense is to support the body to do its job well. When there is a breakdown, giving support will allow the body to do what it can – to follow it's own agenda for healing. As we observe the successes and seeming failures, we become aware of where more help is needed, and direct our efforts in that direction. Perhaps enzymes are important. Maybe one needs to eliminate certain foods because of allergy or intolerance. Certainly, eating in a relaxed and peaceful way aids digestion.

Another factor is to allow time for each function to occur. So many times I've heard people exclaim, "I just don't have time to do that." I wonder if they have time for surgery if and when their body completely breaks down. This would include replacement parts for hips, shoulders, and knees as well as internal surgeries for serious organ conditions.

After all, if one listens to the whispers of their body, maybe they won't need to hear the screams – that show up as illness and pain. The sooner one catches the hint that something is going wrong, the easier it is to rectify the issue.

In my work, it's important that I listen to the complaints, and ask questions for clarification. In that way, one can best assist your body's agenda for healing.

About Victoria Bowmann, Ph.D

Dr. Victoria Bowmann received her PhD in homeopathy and natural medicine from Westbrook University as well as a doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy. She is also a licensed massage and certified colon therapist in the state of Arizona. Bowmann is a regular contributor to several national publications, has been interviewed on television and radio, and has delivered numerous presentations internationally. She has personally trained physicians and colon hydrotherapist and wrote a widely used training manual on GI Health and reflorastation. Her private practice is located in Phoenix, Ariz., and Bowmann lives by the motto, "Happiness is a choice."

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Victoria Bowmann
Phoenix, AZ
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