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AI Social Media Tools: The Definitive 13 Apps You Should Know
Neal Schaffer -- Social Media Marketing Speaker, Consultant & Influencer Neal Schaffer -- Social Media Marketing Speaker, Consultant & Influencer
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Artificial intelligence has become a somewhat common ingredient of SMM tools. Through AI, you can easily generate posts, track relevant data, and even predict future performance. In this article, I’ll go through some of the best AI social media software on the market and how they can help you with your social media marketing campaigns. 

There are lots of different ways social media marketers can benefit from artificial intelligence: 

Social Media Caption Creation

Captions are vital for optimizing your social posts. These descriptions go side-by-side with your photos and videos, explaining to people and search engines what’s happening on the screen. Well-made captions can boost your placement for certain keywords, making it easier for users to find what they want. 

Social Media Images and Video Creation

Video and image generators can significantly hasten your content creation process. These AI-powered tools can generate intricate posts for your target audience, making sure you always meet your deadlines. On top of that, they can reduce spending when making that perfect video or image. 

Longform Content Repurposing for Social Media

Many entrepreneurs regularly update their blogs besides creating social media posts. So, they always have lots of new articles at their disposal. This long-form content can be repurposed for various social media channels with the right AI tools, ensuring that you get double the value from each article you create. 

AI Social Listening

You can also benefit from artificial intelligence programs that don’t have a generative function. The best example of that is social listening programs that allow you to monitor keywords, brand, and competitor mentions. With this software, you can always know which phrases are trending and what are people saying about your business based on AI analyzing the data and connecting the dots for you. 

As I use social media platforms all the time, most of my workflow is streamlined with traditional and AI tools. Besides relying on content-generation features, you can use these programs to create a viable social media strategy, schedule posting, and draw valuable insights. Here’s a breakdown of my favorite apps for social media management. 

AI Social Media Caption Creation Tools

Captions consist of written text, emojis, hashtags, and mentions. These short lines are perfect for increasing audience engagement as they help users find trending keywords and relevant topics. 

1. Flick


Flick is a comprehensive social media management app that consists of hashtag, scheduling, analytics, and reporting tools. The thing I love about this software is that it allows you to browse relevant content based on hashtags and compare the performance of specific keywords. It also comes with an intuitive scheduling dashboard where you can assign posts for future use.

As for its AI-powered features, Flick allows you to brainstorm ideas, pump out AI-generated content, and repurpose various types of content for your social media channels. The generative features are different for each platform, allowing you to alternate between Facebook and LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, Instagram captions, and carousels.

The social media marketing tool allows you to choose from drop-down menus of writing styles, tone of voice, presents, and length while also introducing a point of view. The fine-tuning features are vital for your target demographic, helping you boost engagement rates on every platform. 

2. Circleboom


Initially intended as a Twitter management software, Circlebloom has, over time, introduced various key features for other platforms. The social platform integrates with various tools, providing you access to a vast library of templates. By tapping into these resources, you can streamline tedious tasks pertaining to image creation.

I also liked the social media platform’s editing features. You can change the size of every image, making it more suitable for other channels. There are also article, image, and GIF curation features, which provide enormous versatility for all sorts of social content. 

As for AI generation functionality, the platform uses a ChatGPT-style CMS. With it, you can create captions for just about any social media strategy, boosting your social media presence without too much work. I also appreciate that the social media management tool has a bulk feature, allowing you to produce numerous pieces in a few short hours. 

3. Copy.ai


Copy.ai is a comprehensive text-generation platform that can significantly boost your marketing efforts. The main difference between this and some other tools is the ability to create complex workflows. The software comes with 50+ templates that can be used in all sorts of situations and various types of engaging content. 

Social media managers can use the platform to generate content based on the brand’s values, goals, and target audience. The software can also create video scripts and repurpose and refresh social media posts. Upon generating your posts, you can go through historical metrics to assess their performance. 

Another thing I found impressive is that Copy.ai only uses large language models with zero data retention policies. That way, you can rest assured that all company and user information is completely safe. 

AI Social Media Caption and Image Creation Tools

There’s also a large group of social tools that can, besides captions, also generate visual content. These platforms are ideal for a complex social strategy where you require a wide range of features to meet your marketing goals. 

4. ContentStudio


As one of the best all-in-one tools on this list, ContentStudio is a perfect solution for social media companies, content creators, and all sorts of entrepreneurs. The platform can streamline all your social media efforts by generating quality content, scheduling posts, streamlining approvals, and measuring performance in real-time.

By using detailed prompts, you can create perfect posts for your Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The software can analyze the sentiment within your captions, adding appropriate emojis and giving your post a human touch. ContentStudio can also provide valuable content ideas by analyzing what’s trending online.

Lastly, I’d like to mention its image generation feature. With it, you can create unique, fresh content that will separate your account from the rest. The platform supports various social media integrations that will further increase its functionality. 

5. Ocoya


Ocoya utilizes some of the best technologies to dominate the social media landscape. The platform combines Hootsuite, ChatGPT, and Canva functionality to streamline any social media content strategy and simplify tedious tasks. 

The platform gives you access to all sorts of AI-powered features, such as a traditional article creator as well as caption and quote generators. Ocoya comes with an image and a stock video library that can streamline your social media marketing efforts. However, it’s worth mentioning that the program can’t generate images from scratch.

Among other things, I loved Ocoya’s link shorterner, which can significantly boost your user engagement rate. Complex eCommerce, collaboration, and social media analytics features, as well as 30+ integrations, make Ocoya the real deal. 

6. Predis.ai

Predis AI

Interestingly enough, Predis.ai has functionality similar to Ocoya, uniting the same basic technology. The social media scheduling app makes your daily workflow a breeze. After you post content, you can track how it performs on different social media networks. There are also several branding features that will adjust your social media posts for your company’s voice. 

Predis.ai provides lots of generative options. You can use the software to create shorts, reels, and ads and even turn blogs into videos. One of its basic features allows you to create captions and quotes, and there’s also a meme generator you can tinker with. The software also includes a magic design studio, where you can tap into numerous stock image photos and editing tools. 

7. SocialBee


SocialBee is one of the most popular social media management tools on the market. Initially, the platform was designed to streamline posting and tackle repetitive tasks. However, recently, management has introduced an AI assistant that works as a unique textual and image generator. 

Unlike most other platforms, which use a single line of prompt or short description, Social Bee’s assistant generates quality content after interacting with the user. Although the feature might feel a bit unusual to people who frequently use AI tools, the textual and visual content quality is still comparable to that of other software. 

AI Video Creation Tools

Using video generators is the best way to dominate social networks. These platforms can create all sorts of posts that will fit any social media content strategy. Most of them use templates and various other elements that give you granular control over the project. 

8. Synthesia


With Synthesia, you can easily streamline your social media activities and create training and explainer content. The program uses humanlike avatars and voice actors to deliver your corporate message. Although the social media management tool can’t generate posts from scratch, it includes a large template library with enough assets for any type of project. 

While some people are scared that these robot avatars look fake, you would be shocked by how similar they are to real people. When creating content for social platforms, you can also change their clothes and gestures to make them feel more realistic. 

9. InVideo


Unlike Synthesia, where you create posts by combining different elements, InVideo uses detailed prompts to generate content (but also stock content). Among others, you can set how the posts should look and feel, as well as which platform and audience to target. That way, you’ll get relevant content for your social channel.

My favorite thing about the platform is its editing features. Whenever you want to make a change, you can simply insert a new prompt, and the tool will make alterations according to your instructions. The software also provides data-driven insights that will allow you to polish your future social media activities and learn from your posts. 

10. Pictory


Pictory has a wide range of features tailor-made for social media companies and digital entrepreneurs. The software excels at turning long-form articles into fresh content for social networks. The platform can alter any post content by introducing AI voices, music, and background footage.

The social media management platform also does a great job of extracting the most important things from your long videos and repackaging them for Instagram, Facebook, and other sites. With its coherent design and fantastic image-generation engine, you can create incredible posts for your content feed. 

Longform Content Repurposing for Social Media Tools

One of the best ways to maximize your content creation process is through repurposing. With these programs, you edit long post types and utilize them for other channels. 

11. Lately


My favorite thing about Lately is its integrated social media analytics, which is utilized for predicting content performance. The software continuously polishes your posts so based on metrics of engagement, ensuring that every next piece is better than the previous one.

Not only does Lately provide a breakdown of engagement stats, but it can also analyze how each of your employees writes and interacts with audiences. Based on these data-driven insights, it can mimic the style of your writers and make customized posts. 

AI Social Listening

Artificial intelligence social listening tools can track what people say about your brand. It can also analyze each target URL for keywords and group competition into lists based on their performance. 

12. SproutSocial

Sprout Social

SproutSocial can asses numerous activity feeds to track what people say about your brand online. This information can be extracted and sent out to various stakeholders, which is especially information if you have several partners or clients. On top of that, it also features tools for scheduling and streamlining your marketing plan. 

13. Brand24


Among other things, Brand24 provides you with valuable data about mentions, social media reach, interactions, as well as positive and negative sentiments. The software is especially great at differentiating between positive and negative statements, allowing you to track how people perceive your company. 


With the right AI social media management software, you can change the outlook of your company. These programs bring simplicity to your daily workflow, generating content, scheduling posts, and analyzing your performance. Keep in mind that most of them have certain flaws or might be missing some features that you need. So, take your time researching the market to find the best solutions for your business. 

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