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ADHD Treatment: The Holistic Approach
Louis B. Cady, M.D. Welness and Integrative Neuropsychiatrist Louis B. Cady, M.D. Welness and Integrative Neuropsychiatrist
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Dateline: Evansville, IN
Monday, February 18, 2019


The advancements in medicine in the passed few decades is unquestionable. We are capable of correcting problems that formerly were unimaginable; however, medicine isn’t the best option for some disorders. ADHD is just one of those disorders that is better treated through natural, holistic ways. Below you will find information that will assist you on your journey of ADHD treatment in a natural, medicine-free way.

What Is ADHD?

Standing for attention deficit/hypersensitivity disorder, ADHD is typically diagnosed in early childhood. Children affected by the disorder will show little to no interest in certain activities. They will also be hypersensitive to loud noises, often throwing tantrums simply because they don’t like a sound.

The medical approach consists or prescribing antidepressants. They also prescribe Ritalin or Adderall to children who suffer from ADHD. These medications are generally seen as unnecessary, especially to physicians from Eastern countries. The Chinese have an especially interesting approach to ADHD. They encourage balance to deal with the disorder.

Massages, therapies, herbs, and acupuncture are more effective treatments according to Chinese Traditional Medicine, or CTM.

The Nutritional Approach

Some scientists believe that nutrition plays a role in the development of ADHD. It is said that amino acid deficiencies, food allergies, thyroid disorders, and a high carb/low protein diet can all cause the onset of ADHD. A study from 1996 also found that children with ADHD have substantially lower zinc than children without the the disorder.


Modern treatment options, like Chinese Traditional Medicine, include certain types of therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy is just one method of non-medical ADHD treatment. This treatment method consists of challenging a child to trust reality and rely on facts.

At Cady Wellness Institute, we use Quotient® computerized diagnostic system to measure attention and movement. This is based on age and it allows us to see how hyperactive or inattentive each individual child is. The symptoms your child is displaying may not even be due to ADHD, which is why we take time and care to ensure your child has ADHD, or if it is a different issue.

When and if medication is necessary, we always use the lowest dose possible. We don’t want to create children who are dependant on medication, and the last thing we want to do is change their personality. We combine medication with supplements and natural substances to aid in our ADHD treatment method.

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To learn even more about the holistic approach to ADHD treatment, you should speak with the experts at Cady Wellness Institute. We can help you or your child get control of their lives and eliminate any negative side effects associated with ADHD. We are conveniently located in Newburgh, IN. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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