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A New Twist on Don't Be Boring
William McIntosh  -- Public Relations Services William McIntosh -- Public Relations Services
Miami, Other
Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Greetings folks!

....I've been working hard here in Peru on finding ways to help people in the U.S. make more money using radio.  Not only that-I have also been having some adventures-yesterday after the nationally syndicated radio show I produce-Bill Martinez Live was over-I get a phone call-TOTALLY out of the blue-from Donny Brasco-I mean the real guy-Joe Pistone whose remarkable life as an FBI agent infiltrating the mafia was the basis of the movie with Al Pacino & Johnny Depp. It was mysterious-I mean I couldn't see the number he was calling from. So, thank God, we booked him-please listen in next Wednesday at 9,06 AM Eastern Time to hear how Joe Pistone pulled off one of the greatest undercover capers of all time. Use this link. http://billmartinezlive.com/listen-live/

Now down to business! Recently my ever curious and cheap skate ways gained me insight into creating a combo of radio broadcast platforms in the U.S. that work even BETTER than even I expected at selling products.  Best of all it's CHEAP. It also has a name the OcasoMedia Broadcast Group. So please read this entertaining testimonial from my customer Roger Lehet-CEO of Unforgettable Fire LLC the manufacturer of the 56 pound made in America Kimberly wood stove. Attached is also an MP3 that I created for my clients that has been producing great results. I wrote the copy and my good buddies Joe Chille and Steve Bakken did the voice work and production. A little sidebar to all this is that we charge just $75 to produce an ad-on MP3 and/or WAV with the skilled help of professional broadcasters.  Nice getting a slick ad without having to shell out $200 or more-right?

Do you or any friends have a need for a cost effective marketing effort-a seriously big national push to sell product? Have you been ripped off with sky high ad rates and break even results? Give me a call. I can be reached at my Skype number 305 396-2806 if you do and please repeat your name and telephone number twice in case I don't pick up.

Best Regards?!?

Bill McIntosh

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Name: Bill McIntosh
Title: Director
Group: ocasomedia
Dateline: Miami, FL United States
Direct Phone: 305-396-2806
Cell Phone: 305-396-2806
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