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''5th Anniversary Issue Part II'* Sales Lounge Ultra Hip Ezine
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Washington, DC
Sunday, March 18, 2012

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March 18, 2012
Your Ultra Hip Ezine
 Jennifer Abernethy
America's Premier
Social Marketing Stylist
25 year Multi-Million Dollar Sales Expert. Ranked one of the top Marketing Authors on Twitter and one of the top 50 people in the world that really get
 Social Business Marketing!
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March 28th "Shift from the Undoable to the Doable"
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I've met so many of you around the country this past year at book signing and speaking  events. Thank you for your loyalty and support this past 5 years. This is a special edition   PART 2 is for you-with powerful tips and recommendations to take your business and life to the next level. 
I truly Thank you for your patience as 
The Sales Lounge with Jennifer Abernethy grows and I adjust.  
I look forward to the next FIVE years serving
 professionals worldwide!!
xo Jennifer
**Coming soon business opportunity for
Social Media Professionals WorldWide** 
Anniversary Gifts for you.  Plain and Simple.
1. Did you have a chance to check out Pinterest?  As of today it has been made clear..have Pinterest as part of your social media Icons on your website. I'll be adding mine this week.  Check out Pinterest.com Pinterest.com   Here is my page. http://pinterest.com/thesaleslounge/   We, as professionals are going to start connect because of our interests and commonalities not simply because we are friends. Trust me on this one..get on it you have nothing to lose. It will evolve. You you can now put video on your Pinterest page. I'll be experimenting with it over the next month or so and I'll share with you  some great Pinterest pages for business in a webinar soon.
2. FLIPBOARD  in speaking with my colleagues in California last month..they were telling me FLIPBOARD is all the rage. You can create  your own magazine..that updates itself. I know it's crazy right..we are in a revolution..embrace it. It's cool! Think about the personal and business applications..just too many! I help my CEO clients with their Flip Board strategy now..it's really amazing what some of them are doing to grow their brand.
Meet Flipboard
Meet Flipboard.
3. Social Media Policy. If you have a business with employees or work in corporate,  have your employees go through your own social media policy certification program. Tell them their do's and don'ts that align to your philosophy and brand then, after they complete the training, allow them access to social media sites. And yes..you want them to access social media because they are  your brand champions. You see, we are now in a Social Operating System environment. If you want to see a great policy check out The Gap's - The Gap Social Media Policy If your business is not into this..consider shifting now!  If you are a solopreneur..I'm sure you have already gone social.  But, if you need help with this..hire me..I can help you..big time! 571-223-3887
 5. Quality followers versus Quantity.  A new trend out there is to pay people who have large followings  to tweet your  information.  What they are finding, however, is typically non-celebrity folks (like us) have a better QUALTY following. Just think about this..2-3 years from now you may have another business income stream from people wanting you to tweet information out for them.  Of course, The Sales Lounge  advises you to  only market things you believe in and authentically use or like.   
6. Write down your goals. I know this is basic..but what I do now is write down daily if not hourly goals. Seriously..it works.   I just need to put the exercise goal on my list LOL....okay will do!
7. Do you have your .tv domain?  Good. Now do you have your show strategy? I work with clients all the time with this..it's amazing what many are getting ready to bring online.  Time to GOI..get over it..get comfortable and begin shooting your .tv..There are now internet awards..called The Shorty Awards  that award people for their social influence. But seriously..this is where things are going..manage your digital footprint wisely.
 Thanks for hanging in with me.  I'm expanding The Sales Lounge over the next few months and I owe it to you.  YOU are important to me..and I want to serve you in the best ways that I can.
 Lounge Happenings:  
March 13th- National Webinar for The American Staffing Association.  Thank you!
March 28th:  Doors open at 10:45am ends at 1pm. The Sales Lounge Presents:  Simon T. Bailey..cited as the #1 speaker ever heard or used by meetings and conventions magazine.  Be one of lucky ones to experience Simon upfront, upclose and personal and a private luncheon on March 28th.
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April 5th 2012, Book Launch Party and Learning Event at USA TODAY. Doors open at 6:00-9pm Program from 6:30-8:30pm. Over 150 tickets already taken..Complimentary registration..but you must register..Register for book launch & learning event here!  Mclean, VA.  Talking YouTube, TweetChats, Internet Radio, Video, Blogging and so much more! 
April 13th.  HighRock Marketing Summit. Keynote Speaker. High Rock Marketing Summit
Complete Social Media BootCamp  **May 2012**  details next issue.
New Program:  Sales Lounge Startups  - a 8 week web  program to jump start..start ups!  **details next issue**
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