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5 Sales Tips & Tricks: How to Sell Anything to Anyone! (Video)
Shawn Casemore - Accelerate Sales Growth Shawn Casemore - Accelerate Sales Growth
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Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Sell anything with these sales tips and strategies!

Are you out there trying to sell something that seems like a bit of a challenge? I’m going to walk you through my sales tips and tricks on how to sell anything to anyone (even if you’re a beginner).

Read on, or watch my video below!

5 Sales Rep Tips & Tricks to Sell Anything

Sales Tip #1:  Wear Your Customer’s Shoes


This first step you’ll want to take when it comes to selling anything to anybody is really all about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. You see, a lot of times in sales, when we’re on a virtual call, when we’re in a meeting, whether you’re on the phone, face-to-face in retail sales, whatever the situation might be, we’re thinking about ourselves:
  • We’re thinking about the next step in our process. 
  • We’re thinking about what we want to say. 
  • We’re thinking about what’s on the next slide.

When in reality, all we really need to do is put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. That’s something we want to do before we connect with them and when we’re in the moment with them, because that often allows us to understand how to best position our statements, what kinds of questions to ask.

Let me give you a quick example:

If you are meeting with an executive, somebody that owns or runs a business, chances are the kinds of things they’re concerned about are pretty high level. They might be concerned about bank financing. They might be concerned about losing a big customer. So if you’re to come in to talk to them about coffee, all right, or you’re talking about lawn mowing services, probably something they’re really not concerned about and they’re going to delegate you down.

But if you put yourself in their shoes and realize what they’re concerned about, what they’re thinking about, it’s going to drive your behavior. It’s going to drive your dialogue and your perspective, which is only going to help you be more effective in the sales conversation. Ask yourself, what are the things they’re most concerned about or considering right now?

And if you’re not sure where to get this, find other clients, other customers, or even peers of your own who are in a similar role, and ask them, “Hey, what are the kinds of things you deal with on a daily basis?” Then use that to put yourself in the right frame of mind.

Sales Tip #2: Build Trust Before Pitching Your Product


The second sales technique that I want you to do is avoid a sales pitch.

I was recently doing some work with a coaching client of mine, and he kept saying, “Sales, my sales, my sales pitch.” Don’t say sales pitch. I mean, I don’t need to think about a sales pitch. I want you to think about building trust, right? I don’t care what you sell. I don’t care how you sell it. There’s still got to be some level of trust and rapport in order to make the sale.

Even if it’s a cold call, you’re trying to build some trust right out of the gate. Don’t think so much about a pitch or being prepared for a pitch.

Studies have proven people enjoy talking about themselves, so if you ask some questions at the very beginning, they’re going to get talking about themselves, and at the end of the conversation, they’re going to say, “Well, this is a great discussion.”

Meanwhile, you simply ask them two or three or four solid, maybe even provocative questions that get them to open up and share. It will build trust faster than you think.

Sales Tip #3: Ask Open-Ended Questions

ask open ended questions

The third sales technique I want you to master is in these early conversations or the early part of your conversations: ask open-ended questions.

Ask questions that convince the other person, your buyer, your prospect, to open up about whatever it is you’re discussing. So let’s say I was trying to sell you financial services. I’m not going to say, “What do you think of our product?” Because it kind of forces a “I like it” or “I don’t” response.

What I might say is, “What are the kinds of financial investments that you are really focused on today to support your clients?”

If I’m selling insurance, I might say, “What is the kind of insurance you found most helpful over the years?” Or, “Tell me about the last time you actually had to access your insurance coverage. What was that experience like?”

Very open, broad questions that are designed to get the other person talking and sharing, and also giving me some insights into some things that have worked well for them, maybe some things that haven’t worked so well, right?

Because then I can use that in my further dialogue. So one of my best sales tips and tricks is to make sure you ask open-ended questions.

Sales Tip #4: Become an Emotional Chameleon


The fourth sales tip I want you to consider here is appealing to the emotions of the other person. What I’m not suggesting is if they start to cry, you start to cry. That’s empathy. It’s not what I’m talking about.

What I’m saying here is that in everything you sell, again, whether it’s a widget, whether it’s insurance coverage, you’ve got to find the emotional connection.

So if I’m selling a widget, okay, let’s say a metal bracket to somebody, you might think, “Well, there’s no emotional connection there at all.”

Well, there is, because if they’re buying metal brackets today and those metal brackets happen to show up with poor quality or they show up late, that will cause pain and frustration for your buyer. That’s the emotional side.

So rather than say, “Hey, those metal brackets you’re buying today, just don’t look as shiny as ours.” I might say, “Have you ever had any problems with the delivery of those metal brackets? Have you ever had any problems with the quality of your current supplier?”

What I’m trying to do is pull out some more emotions that they can speak of. “Oh my gosh, that delivery, it was late that one time. That was so frustrating. I spent the weekend on the phone.” “Oh my goodness, that must have really ruined your weekend.” So I’m trying to tap into the emotional side of the sale because that’s again, going to support the trust that we’re trying to build here, and it’s going to broaden the sale.

Remember, at the end of the day, if I’m giving you information, all that really causes you to do is think, but if I can tap into what’s behind that sale, if I can tap into your personality, if I can tap into your values, your beliefs, right? What’s important to you as a buyer, regardless of what I’m selling, it gives me more power when it comes to building that rapport and trust and the kinds of questions to ask and how to respond.

I want you to think like a chameleon.

So if you’re dealing with a buyer, a prospect, you’re going to want to mimic their style and approach. If the buyer seems to be very thoughtful, so when you’re sharing stuff with them, maybe they’re pausing for extended periods of time, maybe they’re looking around or doing something like this, and you can tell they’re thinking, then you don’t want to be somebody that rushes through what you’re sharing. You want to be thoughtful yourself.

So if they ask you a question, “So how much would this cost me?” You might respond with, “Well, that, that’s a really good question.” There’s a variety of factors to consider when it comes to price. Let’s think about that for a moment, right? All I’m doing is reflecting on the kinds of behaviors they’re using.

Now, why do we do this? It’s not to be manipulative, that’s not the point, but we are drawn to people who we believe are similar to ourselves. We are repelled from people who we believe are different from ourselves, have different behaviors.

So if I’m a fast talker, which is me a little bit, right? It’s a weakness I have. I need to slow myself down unless I’m with a buyer who’s also a fast talker, in which case it’s okay to go at a faster pace.

So, a valuable sales tip is to make sure we mimic the behaviors of the other individual, be that chameleon because it’s just going to further our case, help us to build that trusted relationship so that we can position the sale.

Sales Tip #5: Don’t Quit!


Here’s the last sales tip or trick for you: Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever give up.

Sales is a numbers game. The more people you reach out and connect with, the greater chance you’ll have to make a sale.

Now, you have to have a sales process, a variety of other things to consider, but when you start to have an interaction with somebody, okay? Or when you’re reaching out and you give up or you have an interaction, it doesn’t go as you expect and you give up, there is no chance of a sale.

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but Wayne Gretzky was famously quoted to say, “You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” That’s sales in a nutshell.


You can never give up, never let go of a prospect. If a prospect says, “No, not today, not right now,” “No problem, I’ll follow up with you in six months.” You never want to give up because you don’t necessarily have the magic wand to determine the perfect time to sell.

We can try and influence that, and I’ve given you a lot of strategies that will help you, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer for a prospect to come around for a variety of factors, maybe that are out of their control.

You never want to stop. You never want to give up.

I’m not saying push. I’m saying stay in touch.

Keep working the numbers. Keep adding value. Keep your relationship going. Do not lose track. Do not ever give up.

That’s it! Those are my sales tips and tricks.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, comment on the kinds of strategies you found really useful for yourself in trying to make sure you can sell whatever it is you sell.

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