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5 Commercials to Celebrate National Coming Out Day
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5 Commercials to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

5 Commercials to Celebrate National Coming Out Day
When it comes to LGBTQ+ representation in advertising, the industry has come a long way. In honor of National Coming Out Day, we’ve rounded up our top 5 commercials that show that in marketing, as in life, love has no labels.


In this 2015 spot from Airbnb, we meet several couples who identify with the LGBTQA+ community. Each couple recounts the struggles that they’ve encountered when traveling due to their sexual orientation and identities. At the end of the spot, Airbnb pledges to join in the fight to help one woman’s dream come to true: “to experience the world knowing you’re welcome anywhere you go.”


The LGBTQA+ community is as diverse as it is vibrant. In this spot, Equinox sits us down for a lesson in the various terms and words that are important to know as an ally.


“It’s good to be back and it’s really good to be me.” In this amazing Clairol ad, we follow the journey of Tracey Norman, a model in the 1970s who lost her job as the face of a Clairol hair color when she was outed as transgender. In 2015, Clairol invited her back to reclaim her hair color box as herself.

Honey Maid

In this incredibly touching spot, Honey Maid reminds us that families can come in all shapes and forms. Warning, this family is so cute you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling.


If you want to believe in love again, check out Amanda and Paige’s beautiful proposal story. The thought and emotion poured into this beautiful video is enough to bring a tear to any lover’s eye.
Coming out – whether it is as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or allied – matters. When people know someone who is LGBTQA+, they are far more likely to support equality under the law. Beyond that, our stories can be powerful to each other. So we thank these 5 brands for telling these stories.
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