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3 ways to increase salon retail sales
Billy Lowe Celebrity Stylist - Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care Billy Lowe Celebrity Stylist - Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care
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Dateline: Beverly Hills , CA
Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Retail sales in hair salons are a cornerstone to every thriving business.  Most salons have weekly or monthly retail sales goals and encourage team members to help achieve those goals through contests or other results-based systems. Pre-sale campaigns are often a big hit with new items or seasonal promotions and customers love being part of salon and team building events.  But some salons seem to struggle when it comes to retail efforts and motivating their teams to participate.  Gloss & Toss founder Billy Lowe has a stellar track record in sales/marketing leadership for global health and beauty brands and here are his 3 top ways to increase salon retail sales.

  1. Professional work stations should be just that – PROFESSIONAL.  I’ve been in hair salons where I’ve seen leftover lunches, foils, color bowls or other items on the counter in front of the customer leaving the countertop area a total mess.  The area in front of the client should be as clean and minimal as possible and include 3-4 product pieces and perhaps a news bit or salon promo of some kind  Retail products should stay in front of the customer at all times and should spark interest.  If your leftover sandwich or coffee is what’s in front of the customer – then that’s what’s going to be on her (or his) mind.  Not to mention it makes your work area untidy.
  2. Salon retail areas can be several but there are a few key areas to consider.  Many salons have retail sections pushed over to the side or along a pass-by area so guess what happens to the retail items?  They get passed-by.  They’re basically an afterthought or a no-thought at all.  If a customer can’t reach out and grab a can of hairspray or products aren’t within arm’s reach, chances are – they aren’t taking them home.
  3. R2D2.  No I’m not talking Star Wars – but it’s a fun play on characters.  I call this R2D2 because it’s easy for me to remember myself.  REMEMBER 2 DISCUSS 2 items with your customer while styling their hair, and then sharing those 2 items with the cashier so he/she can follow up as well and encourage the customer that those are products recommended by the stylist to maintain optimal results (or to get a different look – optimal or not).

Get customers involved and get them talking.  Your clients love to see you and they trust your expertise. Too often they find themselves frustrated by the endless aisles of bottles and jars that mean nothing to them at the supermarket and they spend too much time and money trying to interpret products for themselves because many hair stylists are afraid of suggesting products for their customers.

“Customers WANT to know what to use.” says Lowe.  “When I worked in corporate retail, one of our biggest complaints boiled down to customers feeling rushed through a sale or a process and still not being sure what product to use or how to use it.  Don’t rush your customers and think of selling as if you were sharing a beauty secret. You have a relationship with your customers and if they trust you enough to change the chemistry of their hair, they’ll certainly trust you for beauty products.”

Thank you for reading these thoughts and we hope they are helpful to you.  If your salon is interested in carrying Gloss & Toss products, please visit glossandtoss.net and use the CONTACT page for more info.

For salon coaching opportunities with celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe, please visit billylowe.com for more information.

Gloss & Toss is a Beverly Hills based hair care brand started by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe, known for his work behind the scenes of Hollywood as well as on-air appearances on hit reality shows, daytime talk shows, news segments and more.  Lowe has a 20+ year career in sales & maketing leadership and well as consulting for global health and beauty brands.  Gloss & Toss is a CRUELTY-FREE BRAND and does not test on animals. 

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