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2022 GV70 3.5T Sport Prestige
Lauren Fix, The Car Coach -- Automotive Expert -- Consultant Lauren Fix, The Car Coach -- Automotive Expert -- Consultant
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York, NY
Sunday, September 18, 2022


The 2022 Genesis GV70 3.5T all-wheel-drive Sport Prestige is a worthy competitor and a head-turner. Few luxury vehicle brands are as successful at creating a lot of buzz around their products as Genesis has been over the past few years. That noise has been amplified since the automaker rolled out the GV70 a few years ago. A milestone vehicle for Genesis, the GV70 needed to impress on release and did so in spades. Since that time, we’ve started hearing about dedicated Genesis dealerships start-up to help ensure an even better customer experience. We’ve also heard automotive journalists dote over the GV70. Why? Let’s find out.

Starting with the design, the GV70 is absolutely stunning. The large, wide-mouth grille with strong, masculine body lines that look very upscale. We love the split headlamps and tail lamps. Of course, the exhaust tips help provide an ultra sporty look as well. 

There are two available engine choices – either a turbocharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder good for 300 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque or a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 that churns out 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque. Regardless of engine choice, there’s an 8-speed automatic transmission that does a very-handedly job of handling the gears. Performance is good, regardless of engine choice. Look for 0-60 times around 5.6 seconds with the 4-cylinder or 4.9 seconds if you opt for the V6. The EPA rates the 4-cylinder at 24 mpg around the city and up to 28 on the highway, whereas the V6 comes in at 21/25 respectively. 

Driving the GV70 Sport Prestige is ultimately fulfilling but not completely flawless. In Sport+ mode, it thinks it’s a sports car and does in fact provide a fun experience. However, it’s not a sports car and you’ll need to remain mindful of that no matter how the GV70 tries its best to convince you other wise. You’ll swear you might need mental help when you hear the voices in your head beckoning you to push it harder around the corners, and keep your foot firmly planted into the accelerator pedal. Of course, doing the latter, will suck down the gas like a nomad in the desert does when he finds fresh water at an oasis. 

Considering its size, there’s not a ton of body roll and it remains rather flat. In Sport+ mode, the steeringwheel has a good amount of weighted feeling to it and the added fake exhaust notes sound great — althought we’d prefer real exhaust sounds.

When it comes to safety, Genesis has choked the GV70 Sport with tons of it. Driver assists include: smart cruise control, highway drive assist, highway lane assist, highway auto speed
change, steering wheel vibrational warnings, driver attention, forward safety monitoring, lane safety and blind spot monitor. With all of these nanny systems, it’s hard to to think about the “Boy in the Bubble” movie, right?

Seating is exceptional. The front seats have optional three-way stage heating and cooling and there are heated rear seats in that package. Using the infotainment screen, you can customize the driver’s seat to nearly the exact comfort you want with its Smart Posture Care system. The suede seat inserts, along with the stitched leather is a great-looking combination.

Folks in the second row also have some nice creature comforts, including a 3-zone climate control system, USB ports, cup holders in the middle-fold-down armrest. There is no pass-thru, however they are a 60/40 split design for easy cargo expansion.

Its 14.5-inch HD infotainment screen is very clear and easy to read. It has a host of built-in apps meant to make your driving experience even nicer. Everything from various sounds of nature to full support for AM/FM/Satellite Radio, USB thumb drive audio and Bluetooth audio. The built-in navigation system is easy to use and works quite well with the built-in voice command system.

The high-powered, multi-speaker Lexicon audio system delivers quite impressive audio playback, however, it still pales in comparison to the likes of the B&W system in Volvos as well
as the new McIntosh system in the higher-end Jeeps.

One of the more creepy trends in some of the current vehicles coming out is the twin LED system that tracks the driver’s eyes to make sure they’re looking at the road. The question is, where or who does that driver data go to? Edward Snoden fans will no doubt be concerned about this.

It’s important to denote that the GV70 isn’t merely a smaller version of the G80. It is uniquely built for a more sporty drive. We see that from its masculine body lines and flow to its design cues with a wide stance.

With a price starting at $51,000, the GV70 takes square aim at competitors that cost thousands more yet don’t deliver any better of a driving experience. As a point of reference, however, our test vehicle had the optional $5,000 sport package as well as the $4,900 technology package, bringing its price over the $60k threshold.

There’s little doubt that the design team and engineers at Genesis took their time and were very methodical in making this vehicle. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better luxury compact SUV anywhere.

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®, is a nationally recognized automotive expert, sector analyst, journalist, author, keynote speaker and television host.  A trusted car expert, Lauren provides an insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics and aspects, energy, industry, consumer news and safety issues.  Her analysis is honest and straightforward.

Lauren is the CEO of Automotive Aspects and the Editor-in-Chief of Car Coach Reports, a global automotive news outlet. She is an automotive contributor to national and local television news shows including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN International, The Weather Channel, Inside Edition, Community Digital News, Local Now News, NewsMax and more. Lauren also co-hosts a regular show “His Turn - Her Turn” on ABC.com; “Total Car Score” podcast and hosts a weekly radio segment on GCN Radio.

Lauren is honored to be inducted into the Women’s Transportation Hall of Fame and a Board Member of  is the Buffalo Motorcar Museum and Juror / President for the North American Car, Utility & Truck of the Year Awards.  

Lauren is the author of three books and inherited her love of all things automotive from her father. She has been advising drivers for almost all her life.

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