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2022 Entrepreneurship/IT Conference The New Entrepreneurial Powerhouse
Jan Du Plain - Du Plain Global Enterprises Jan Du Plain - Du Plain Global Enterprises
Falls Church, VA
Sunday, August 21, 2022

2022 Entrepreneurship/IT Conference: The New Entrepreneurial Powerhouse

Washington, D.C. August 21, 2022


"A society and its celebrity and its travails. We are presenting the essence of our life in the Capital," notes MA. CRISTINA CABALLERO, President/CEO of Dialogue on Diversity on the design of its annual Entrepreneurship Conference, set for September 16th at the Ven at Embassy Row. The day's agenda, getting underway at 11:00 am, brings an opening discussion by CICI ROJAS, the President of The Latino Coalition, a bi-partisan public affairs group, on the fortunes of contemporary enterprise, from the business plan to the shop window. In displaying the very special facets of the Entrepreneurial adventure, we have dubbed the conference message: the ENTREPRENEURIAL POWERHOUSE. The Conference date, September 16th is chosen as the opening celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – October 15).

Experts from the Future of Privacy Forum, among these the veteran of our own seminars, AMIE STEPANOVICH, take up the characteristic double-edged instruments of communication. First, the privacy to be cherished inviolate whenever we speak, or, by an equal, but opposite, technological stoke, the valued stuff of privacy undermined. The central quandary of our Century 21, whether we will be outwitted by our own smarts or bask in private confidences.

JEANETTE PRENGER, an old Dialogue associate, the IT maven who took home the top Entrepreneurship honors in the 2006 Awards and has since, as owner of ECCO Select in Kansas City, been a tireless advocate and promoter of our Dialogue, bringing the themes of the day to our audience as key speaker.

After a lunch break the members of a Round Table panel will take their seats for a discussion of the salient themes of the day. A lineup of women leaders, CELESTE CARRASCO, of AT&T, expounding the crucial notion of human capital, the key substance in the economic world; SYNDIA NAZARIO-CARDONA, Associate Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Relations at the bi-lingual Ana G. Méndez University; PATRICIA CORRALES , D.C. entrepreneur extraordinaire, heading both Capital Construction Group and the Fiesta D.C. combine; and NICOLE QUIROGA, President and CEO at the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. All setting out to analyze the anatomy of the key economic skills.

Social Driver, an Image-creating art and advertising entity in downtown Washington, brings to the fore THOMAS SÁNCHEZ and ANTHONY SHOP of its creative crew: What is the reach of the workrooms' savvy and the range of their imagination? The energies of the S.D. workshop test the limits, building a clientèle that pays to find the answer. The output of the images and phrases mirrors the brilliance and rainbow hues of the young artists and phrasemakers. The briefest inquiry reveals a shop peopled by a breathtaking human variety – gender, ethnicity and complexions, skill types, language, and temperament. INCLUSIVITY is the watchword.

The afternoon's set of panels take up in order the prosaic, but obligatory structures of business plans, with the key problems of whether these are set in stone and inviolable, or whether they last a week or a year or ten years — until, in any case, someone., the boss or the mousy little guy in the accounting department, has come up with a better idea.

The day winds up in the 4-5 o'clock hour with the Awards, first to our JAN DU PLAIN , Washington's premier impresario, bringing to town the choicest from off-Broadway drama, embassy tours, to exotic cuisine feasts and more, and a steadfast supporter of our Dialogue . . alongside Nicole Quiroga and Syndia Nazario-Cardona. And, best, the performance of a MARIACHI: the word embraces the band, the tune, and the enraptured cluster of the hearers, the spirit of a Mexican sensibility — the sounds that the North Americans too find mystical and delightful. Friends of the Dialogue should register at : dialogueondiversity.org





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