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#1:“COVID-19 – Other Voices” -- #2:“Mental Health During Covid” #10:”Covid & Long-term Care”
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Sunday, August 30, 2020


#1:"COVID-19 – Other Voices"

-- #2:"Mental Health During Covid"

-- #10:"Covid & Long-term Care"

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1) Listening to other voices on COVID-19

From: Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs

This HND piece discusses some alternative viewpoints regarding COVID-19. This movement started back in April, when the first data came out, suggesting that the lockdowns were a waste. They were then followed by plenty of anecdotal reports on the successful use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Before long HCQ was being attacked by a cadre of mostly establishment drones such as Fauci, and alleged "science" guys like David Gorski, MD aka "Orac." Gorski mixes legit pro-science stuff with political hit jobs. (Guess what side he's on?) We analyze why there is such an intense effort to go after HCQ, which now includes a breathless attack on a noted Yale epidemiologist. The funny thing is that his response just shows how desperate and ill-informed the haters are.

Michael D. Shaw

Interscan Corporation

Simi Valley, CA


Phone: 1 800 458-6153 (US and Canada)

818) 882-2331


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2) Five Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Covid

From: Janice Litvin -- Wellness Speaker

Though we have gotten used to wearing masks and physically distancing in the grocery store, our lives are far from normal. We are worried about when our lives will get back to normal. We are living a new-normal lifestyle, but quest for our routines to return to normal. Sadly some of our favorite restaurants have closed and the gyms are still closed. We still can't have parties or go out dancing or to concerts or sporting events. So this situation got me thinking: what can we do to protect our mental health during the Covid-19 crisis?

Name: Janice Litvin

Title: Professional Speaker

Dateline: Walnut Creek, CA

Direct Phone: 415-518-2202



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3) Common Workers' Compensation Myths

From: Cochran, Kroll and Associates

My employer will report my injury * I caused my accident, so I can't apply for workers' comp * Workers' comp covers 100% of my salary * Workers' comp covers me on my commute * Workers' compensation doesn't cover part-time workers * Illnesses aren't covered * I have as long as I want to file a claim

Name: Scott Lorenz

Title: Publicist

Group: Westwind Communications Legal Marketing

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 248-705-2214



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4) A Brief History of Online Games

From: Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert

say game play, because play covers a broad swath of activities that includes but is not limited to games. Letter writing, for example, is often play at a distance. Epistolary joking, punning, teasing, cajoling, and bantering have a long tradition. The Roman orator and statesman Cicero, for example, was widely acclaimed in the ancient world for his humor, though his jokes—like most jokes—don't really stand the passing of time. In his 57 BC letter to his friend Testa, then encamped with Julius Caesar in Gaul, Cicero joshed that he couldn't even sell him a "blindfolded gladiator," a line undoubtedly knee-slappingly hilarious in the ancient world but that fails to elicit much of a chuckle today. No, what I'm interested in is the straightforward playing of games at a distance.

Richard Gottlieb

Global Toy Experts / Global Toy News

646 675 3019



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5) Subscription News, In-App Purchases and Antitrust Probe

From: Kathleen Greenler Sexton --- Subscription Expert

This week, Uber, Lyft, Blue Cube Travel, Facebook and Spotify dominate the subscription headlines. In an unexpected move, a California appeals court judge grants Uber and Lyft a temporary stay in the reclassification of drivers, Zuora and GoCardless expand their global subscription payment partnership, and the UK's Blue Cube Travel breaks new ground with the subscription model. Also this week, Netflix adds a content shuffling feature to make watching streaming TV more like traditional TV, the Federal Trade Commission interviews Mark Zuckerberg as part of its antitrust probe into Facebook, and Spotify has a counterfeit podcast problem.

Name: Kathy Greenler Sexton

Title: CEO

Group: Subscription Insider

Dateline: Andover, MA United States

Direct Phone: 617-401-7653

Cell Phone: 617-834-2169

Media Team



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6) Ann Marie Hancock Feature Article in USA Today Magazine, Staying Strong in Trying Times, Recently Published

From: Ann Marie Hancock, Author & Humanitarian

You Can't Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral is an honest and unique book that looks at the challenges of guardianship and cancer. Written with deep spiritual insight that can only be cultivated through adversity, and tempered with humor, this book traverses the difficult passage of end-of-life caregiving and the challenges and joys that accompany it.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Title: Publicist

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 248-705-2214



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7) Stock Market Performance During Presidential Elections

From: Greg Womack -- Certified Financial Planner

David Kostin, the Goldman Sachs chief U.S. equity strategist, wrote in a note to clients "The U.S. election is just 81 days away and represents a significant risk to our year-end forecast." Analysts often mention the uncertainty surrounding presidential elections in the United States, and this year is sure to be no exception. However, John Stoltzfus, CIO of Oppenheimer Asset Management told clients, "Embrace the uncertainty." His research showed that historically, elections haven't done much to prevent stocks from going up regardless of which political party prevails. Furthermore, Stoltzfus writes, "Uncertainty usually comes with opportunity and risk—two considerations essential in making investments."

Name: Greg Womack, CFP

Title: President

Group: Womack Investment Advisers

Dateline: Edmond, OK United States

Direct Phone: 405-340-1717



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8) Dealing with Drama in the Workplace


Listen to "Dealing with Drama in the Workplace" on Spreaker

From: Gayle Lantz - Leadership Expert

This special episode features an interesting conversation with guest expert, Marlene Chism, author of No Drama Leadership and Stop Workplace Drama. Today's times are especially sensitive for leaders and those they serve.

Marlene shares timely insights and tips about how to deal effectively with all kinds of drama in the workplace, especially during these challenging times.

You'll learn ways to foster a "drama-free culture" based on personal responsibility, curiosity and clarity.

This episode covers:

• What's really creating drama in today's unique environment

• What you can do to create positive shifts in your workplace

• Why typical "go-to" solutions don't work and what to do instead

• What patterns appear in situations where drama exists

• How to address the elephant in the room

Name: Gayle Lantz

Group: WorkMatters, Inc.

Dateline: Birmingham, AL United States

Direct Phone: 205 879-8494



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9) Is a Brilliant Blended (on-site & via video)Meeting possible?

From: Carolyn Strauss -- Virtual Emcee

Work is different now. And there is no where to get the skills to run and attend hybrid meetings. Joe Curcillo and Carolyn Strauss have created 100 Minutes to Brilliant Blended Meetings to solve the challenge of how to conduct and attend blended meetings. In 8 fast moving episodes and a bonus episode for team members, Carolyn and Joe have used their combined 40 years of meeting experience to create the guide for these challenging times. We are here to help.

Name: Carolyn Strauss

Title: CVP and Sales and Persuasion Expert, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

Dateline: Denver, CO United States

Direct Phone: 303-578-2362



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10) Covid-19 Impact On Long-Term Care Insurance Purchasing Decisions Discussed

From: Jesse Slome -- American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Covid-19 is impacting pricing and benefit options for those considering long-term care insurance according to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).

"Insurance companies are raising rates for new applicants, they are changing benefit options and in certain states limiting the ages of applicants," explains Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

The organization has posted a webpage designed to provide helpful information to consumers. "There is increased interest in long-term care issues especially after we've seen nursing homes ravaged by Covid-19," Slome notes. According to the latest data shared by AALTCI, over 40,000 nursing home residents have died as the result of the pandemic.

"There are so many misconceptions about long-term care planning and particular insurance that we felt the need to have a resource to send consumers," Slome added. "For example, Covid-19 has strengthened our resolve to position long-term care insurance as nursing home avoidance assurance because the vast majority of policyholders use the benefits to remain in their own home."

The new resource explains reasons to act sooner rather than later. "Several insurers have or are about to increase rates on new policies," Slome shares. "Typically other companies will follow suit so now could be a good time to lock in rates." In addition, insurers who typically accepted applicants from individuals up to age 70 and 75 have lowered the age caps. "In some cases it's as low as 64 and some linked-benefit policies are now requesting that applicants age 70 or older pay via a single premium payment which can amount to $100,000 or more."

To access the Covid-19 and long-term care insurance planning information visit the Association's website. To connect with a specialist for long-term care insurance quotes and information call the organization at 818-597-3227.

Jesse Slome is director of the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance. He also directs the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Visit their website to get long-term care insurance quotes. To find local Medicare insurance agents visit the American Association for Medicare Supplement website.

Name: Jesse Slome

Title: Executive Director

Group: American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

Dateline: Westlake Village, CA United States

Direct Phone: 818-597-3227



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11) What seeing a suicide taught me about sleep.

From: Karina Krepp -- Treal Training

I was driving up to Montreal on a college tour adventure with my sons. We had skied all day and were tired, finding the only dog friendly hotel available in Albany. The boys were bickering about who got the floor. A good time party rolled on down the hall studded with cardboard doors. It was a restless night of sleep.

My dog Zoe woke me at about 6:30am. I closed the black out blinds and hoped the boys would sleep in a bit. My eldest son was doing his first highway driving that morning and I wanted to ensure he was well rested. I pulled open my Strava app and searched for nearby run locations. It was very cold, the kind of cold that gets inside your nose and makes it feel crunchy. But I love exploring new places in the quiet of the morning and the rhythm of my breath.

Zoe and I drove over to the run start, a little dirt parking lot adjacent to the reservoir. The sign stated it wasn't open until 8am. A car pulled in behind me and loitered in an odd way. The man didn't park. Just stayed at the opening of the dirt lot. I could see the path, but as any female runner knows, listening to a vibe can be a lifesaving skill. I kept the car on and began searching the internet for an alternate run route. Oh, and I locked my doors.

Name: Karina Krepp

Group: Treal Training

Dateline: New York, NY United States

Direct Phone: 917-445-1378



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12) DNC & RNC Conventions Fail to Address Shattered U.S. Healthcare System, Says Dr. Alejandro Badia, Healthcare Provider & Author

From: Dr. Alejandro Badia, Orthopedic Surgeon, Author & Healthcare Reform Advocate

Miami, Florida – A failure to address our nation's healthcare crisis last week by both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions was a shock amidst an election season simmering with tension. "No healthcare solutions were discussed during either convention," Dr. Alejandro Badia says. "Despite some compelling speeches about how healthcare affects people's lives, there were no solutions. Certainly, I don't anticipate any of us from the trenches being consulted…"

Dr. Alejandro Badia is no stranger to the flaws and frustrations of the U.S. healthcare system. A leading hand surgeon with a medical degree from NYU, multiple accolades, and decades of experience, Dr. Badia has spent more than a quarter-century in the trenches of U.S. healthcare. His new book Healthcare from the Trenches is an open discussion of the failure of the U.S. healthcare system from the perspectives of its "providers" and patients—perspectives today's healthcare debate sorely lacks.

"People are challenged because of a flawed system," says Dr. Badia. "Staff at insurance companies with no medical training dictate what constitutes reimbursable care. The result is that their interference disrupts the doctor-patient relationship, delays or prevents delivery of care, and presents new obstacles to new approaches that would improve patient outcomes and reduce costs."

In Healthcare from the Trenches, Dr. Badia challenges the entrenched bureaucracy in the U.S. healthcare system—a bureaucracy that is only growing with each attempt to "fix" it.

"Since the implementation of the [U.S.] Affordable Care Act, healthcare in America has become an even greater bureaucratic nightmare than before," Dr. Badia says. "What started as incremental interference in the relationship between doctor and patient with the passage of the Medicare Act of 1965 is now an impenetrable barrier made up of governmental and health care insurance industry red tape. The result is higher costs and greater inefficiencies."

In early 2019, results of a Gallup poll showed that 70 percent of Americans believe the U.S. healthcare system has "major problems" or is "in crisis". With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these inefficiencies have only become more apparent.

Dr. Badia explains, "A May 5, 2020 New York Magazine online article reports survey results indicating 14 percent of all U.S. adults would avoid treatment if they developed COVID-19 symptoms because of health cost issues. Despite the political debates and media coverage on health care policy and reform, there remains little or no feedback from the people in the trenches—the physicians and other health care professionals who provide care to the patients. That's why I wrote Healthcare from the Trenches. My hope is that a broader discussion of the issues can be a catalyst to positive change."

Name: Scott Lorenz

Title: Publicist

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 248-705-2214




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