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#161 Cabal of Five
Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert
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Wednesday, July 13, 2022



#161Blog Post - Wednesday, 13 July 2022

 Postedby Denny Hatch


How Direct Marketers Can Save
Women from the Cabal of Five

Needed to Raise: $90 Billion Immediately.


"This Supreme Court has just comedown on the side of civilizational collapse."
—Paul Krugman (Nobel Laureate) Tweet, 30 June 2022


On Friday, 24 June 2022,a tiny cadre of five rich elitist lawyers (four of whom recently lied toSenators about their respect for "settled law") conspired to kill Roev. Wade. The Cabal is made up of three JDs from Yale Law School (Alito,Kavanaugh, Thomas), Harvard Law (Gorsuch) and Notre Dame Law (Barrett). Allfive are Catholics. The result of their rogue action: the enslavement andmurder of American women by judicial fiat based on Catholic dogma that blowsthe constitutional separation of church and state sky high. Their new credo forthe country:

It is the intention of theUnited States Government to go up the vagina and into the uterus of every womanof child-bearing age and dictate what goes on in there. 

So long as this Gang of Fiveis permitted to walk free and propagate their mischief unencumbered, thesanctity of human life and the nuclear family envisioned by the framers of theConstitution are in the gravest danger since the Civil War and the rise of theAxis powers in the 1930s and 1940s.

The U.S. at War WithItself —
A Map of the Battle Lines.

GroundZero is made up of the maroon, red and gray states. A woman undergoing anunwanted pregnancy can be hundreds of miles from needed health care to save herlife.

Only Two Groups Can Save Our Women—
Direct Marketers and America's Billionaires.

Why directmarketers?


Because theyare adult professionals with the experience and vision to quickly craft an independent rescue organization — and create thepowerful messaging to overcome horrendous wrongs and pry loose the necessary funds to savelives and guarantee women the safety of professional health care.


Why America'sbillionaires?


A reporteronce asked the notorious Willie Sutton (1901-1980) why he robbed banks. Hisreply: "That's where the money is."  

TheCarnage Has Started and
Will Multiply Exponentially

"It'schaos out there. The end of Roe v. Wade was foreseen, but in wide swaths of thecountry, it has still created wrenching and potentially tragic uncertainties.There have been numerous reports of patients screaming and sobbing in desperation when clinicscanceled their appointments. Recipes for potentiallydeadly herbal abortions aregoing viral on TikTok. A group of hospitals, pharmacies and clinics inMissouri, a state where a so-called trigger law immediately banned abortionupon Roe's demise, briefly stopped providing emergency contraception. In some states, doctors whoperform in vitro fertilization fear they might be prosecuted for discarded unusedembryos."
—Michelle Goldberg, 1 July 2022,
The New York Times, "America's Post-Roe Chaos Is Here."


Welcome toour new retro world of chronic desperation and perpetual panic; of coathangers, knitting needles, live newborns and dead fetuses deposited in ourtrash cans. Look for an avalanche of suicides among (mostly poor and minority)young women and the deaths of millions more — victims of imperfect pregnancies,rape, incest and programmed neglect in coming decades. The culprits: the politiciansand physicians who pledged to "First, do no harm," but are now livingin abject fear of prosecution and jail.


Anorganization that guarantees safe, all-expenses-paid health care for everywoman of child-bearing age in the United States enslaved by an unwantedpregnancy.

The Business Plan

Every woman of any age, anynationality, any religion — U.S. citizen or non-citizen — who is pregnant withan unwanted child is eligible.


• Requiredfor action: A doctor's note affirming the pregnancy. These visits to doctors tobe paid for by THE RIGHT TO LIFE: YOURS!


• If carryingan unwanted child, she will receive an all-expenses-paid voucher for theprocedure to be performed in any recognized facility (hospital, PlannedParenthood clinic, etc.) in a state or country that is permitted by law toperform a safe abortion.


• Thisincludes immediate round-trip transportation — bus, train, air, helicopter,automobile or ambulance to the nearest top-level facility.


• Thisincludes (if warranted) counseling service.


• In case offamily complications (children, seniors and/or pets) and jobs, additional fundswill be made available for professional help and household expenses during thefull time of absence.


• Immediate$100 cash for transportation to and from the nearest airport, train or busstation and travel incidentals.  

OnlyAmerica's Billionaires Can Make
The Business Plan Above happen FAST!

I foundonline the absolutely current — and continually updated — Forbes List of 2500 international billionaires. I immediately started typing. Three dayslater I had separated out and created the list of 618 American billionaires.


At the head of my list is the world's richest man: Tesla andSpaceX's Elon Musk (personal net worth $234.3 billion). At the end of my list: Richard Hayne of Urban Outfitters (personal networth of $1.0 billion).


I did not have the time nor the programming wherewithal toadd up the combined net worth of these 618 American billionaires. We arelooking at a pot of several trillion dollars.


The object is to peel off $90 billions from these trillionsto make the Business Plan above happen quickly and efficiently.


What I discovered about billionaires and the emotionalhot-button copy drivers that will persuade them to act.


Robert Coates is a direct marketer out of Oregon whospecializes in the financial services area. After years of knowing each otherwe finally had a joint client and attended a meeting in Chicago. Coates lookedat me at one point and said, "Do you know how to identify a true directmarketer?"




"If you give a person a list of names and addresses inhard copy and he or she starts reading it — name by name — it's a clearindication of a fascination with people, their names, their addresses, theirprofessions, lives and lifestyles."


"I qualify," I said. "Reading a list is likeeating peanuts. Or popcorn. I can't stop. When I look at names on a list, Ibegin to imagine families, what they look like and how they live. If a businessaddress, I find myself thinking, 'How did these folks come up with this namefor a company.' "


As a result of my encounter with Coates, I realized that tobe successful in marketing/selling is getting inside the head of your prospector customer: think how he thinks, feel what she feels and become thatperson. That is the key to successfully changing behavior. 

Inside the Heads of These Billionaires 

Theoverwhelming majority of the 618 American billionaires made their money inplain-Jane, ordinary professions. Here's a tiny sampling of what you will findin no particular order):

real estate - insurance - hedge funds -plumbing fixtures - packaging - retail - self-storage - apparel - pipelines -oil - hotels - money management - energy drinks - telecom - meat processing -auto parts - private equity - media - food processing - cryptocurrency -investing - pest control  

ExpandingTheir Expertise and Cashing in Bigtime


Many billionaires made their money as lone wolves, quietlydoing their own thing—investing, trading, gambling and manipulating markets andfinancial instruments.  Many others with expertise and knowledge of aspecific industry launched companies. They hired employees whom they mentoredand who, in turn, hired and mentored new employees until the founders ownedbillion-dollar enterprises.


In addition, a few of the 618 billionaires inherited theirvast family fortunes (e.g., the children of Walmart's Sam Walton (combined networth, $213.1 B) and cosmetician Estée Lauder (combined net worth $40.0 B). Atiny minority are divorcées (e.g., Mackenzie Scott, the former Mrs. Jeff Bezosnet worth is $33.7 B) and Melinda French Gates, the ex-Mrs. Bill (net worth$5.6 B).


AsI was typing up my list of American billionaires, I began imagining myself as abillionaire and thinking like a billionaire. How would I feel seeing my name aspart of a Forbes magazine list of the richest, most famous andsuccessful people in the country and the world? 


Hundreds of Photographson the Forbes Website


WhenI hit on the idea of persuading billionaires to right the terrible wrong of thecurrent Roe v. Wade decision, I became intimately familiar with the Forbeslist. As I worked on separating out these Americans from the rest of the worldI grew to know who these people were and what they looked like. I was helped bythe plethora of superb color portraits of these billionaires. The imagesare  tiny—maybe 1/2" square (depending on the size of your digitalreader). Wee, yes, but world-class portraits. Hey! No iPhone snapshots here.These folks are the richest people in the world and can hire the very greatestphotographers, price no object. A sampling:


What'sgoing on inside the heads of my fellow billionaires?


Etchedin my DNA is the list of seven key copy drivers — the emotional hot buttonsthat make people act first articulated by direct marketers Bob Hacker and AxelAndersson:


fear - greed - guilt -anger - exclusivity - salvation - flattery

"Ifyour copy isn't positively dripping with one or more of these emotional hotbuttons," Seattle marketing guru Bob Hacker once wrote to me, "tearit up and start over."


Let'sstart with "fear" — the first copy driver.


Quitesimply, these rich-rich folks are obviously proud of their status, theiraccomplishments, media coverage, their listing in Forbes.


These618 American billionaires are leading extraordinary lives after reaching thetop of their professions in terms of accomplishments and financial rewards.Presumably they crave esteem and fear oblivion.


Nobody'sgoing to remember a pipeline mogul, cryptocurrency gambler, oil driller or foodprocessing magnate. "Who cares if he or she had billions. . . Don't botherme, chum . . .  I'm watching the Giants game."


Aperson who comes up with a successful scheme that guarantees the right of everywoman to own her own body will be cited in the history books, studied inschools, and revered for centuries as a great humanitarian who freed Americanwomen from being enslaved by their bodies.


This Is Highly UnusualDirect Marketing 


Whenthe ask is for billions, email will not work. This is precise one-on-onemarketing.


Oncea possible prospect is identified, it's essential to do a deep dive into thatperson's life from birth to the present. Parents, education, family,confidants, associates, career, complete business and personal résumé, mentors,friends, enemies, speeches, writings, hobbies, club memberships, loves, hates,hopes and dreams.


Witha detailed dossier in hand, only then can an approach be made using the nextsix copy drivers to change behavior. Here are the possible approaches.


Greed (n/a)


Guilt: Think of it! You arericher than Croesus (king of Lydia, 560-546), legendary for his great wealth.How much wealth do you really need to exist in obscene comfort and freedom fromall financial worries? All around you are young women now suddenly forced bylaw into giving birth to a child they do not want and can't possibly afford.They are consigned to a terrible existence of endless fear, desperation,poverty and dependence on the kindness of strangers. Meanwhile, you and your familyare spending millions of dollars jet-setting all over the world on dreamvacations, buying mansions, yachts, fine art, jewelry and self-indulgingevery whim that enters your head.


Anger:Withthe Roe decision upended, the government has the duty to invade the sanctity ofevery woman's body, dictate what goes on in there and destroy her life andfamily. There are no mitigating circumstance (rape, incest, health of themother, ectopic pregnancy.) This includes YOUR body, Mrs. and Ms.billionaire.


Exclusivity:You areone of the most fortunate few who ever lived in the world. You personally havethe exclusive financial power to raise others up rather than being a detachedonlooker watching as they are consigned to slavery.


Salvation:Put upthe billions to right this wrong and you will be one of the greatphilanthropists in American history. You will never be forgotten. Youraccomplishments will be studied and you will be revered for generations tocome. Immortality!


Flattery:Thinkof it! On this planet of 7.9 billion people, you are oh-so-special! You canearn respect and love as one of the few souls that gave back to the worldoh-so-much much more than you took out.


Found! A Pot of $90Billion in Search of a Cause!
Will This Brilliant Entrepreneur Give Women Their Freedom?


Irecently read a Roger Lowenstein's Buffett: The Biography.


Ina nutshell:


•At a very young age Warren Buffett knew he wanted to be very, very rich.


•Early on he discovered that corporate quarterly and annual reports containedcomplete information about publicly-held companies.


•When he studied the numbers he learned to tell instantly whether the currentprice of a stock was very low, on target or wildly high. If very low, he buyslow, holds, and sells high.


•Now 91, Warren Buffett has spent his entire life with his nose in corporatereports and studying stock prices. He knows more about major and minorcorporations than anyone in the world. He has encyclopedic knowledge of thehistory, management and profitability of hundreds of companies.


•In 1958 he bought a modest house in Omaha for $31,500 and has never livedanywhere else. He drives himself in a 2014 Cadillac XTS. He loves simple food,especially ice cream and Pepsi Cola. He does not drink


•His only luxury indulgence is flying around the country — and the world — incorporate jets. He bought NetJets in 1988 for $725 million and has the run of his company's planes andpilots.


•His entire life has been spent in the single-minded pursuit of amassing great wealth.


•On 10 May 1965 Warren Buffett took over control and management of a small NewEngland shirt maker, Berkshire Hathaway, for a bargain basement price.


David Ogilvy's IconicAd 

•Today Buffett has owns controlling interest in Berkshire and 70 subsidiaries, with371,000 employees and annual revenues in 2021 of $353.16 B. Included are GEICO,General Re, Dairy Queen, Benjamin Moore, Duracell, Fruit of the Loom, JohnsManville, NetJets and Business Wire.


• In 2022, Warren Buffet is the 7th richest man in the world (fifth richest inthe United States) with a net worth of $96.3 B.


"Warren Buffett wants hisentire $96 billion fortune spent within 10 years of his death. Every kid on theplanet might get a cut."

"Of Buffett's $90 billion Berkshire stake, $56 billion willgo to the Gates Foundation and $17.4 billion to four family charities, leavingan uncommitted $18.7 billion—all numbers the Journal says could climbif Berkshire shares continue to perform the way they have been. Hereportedly wants his billions spent within 10 years of his death."


"One proposed solution was to createa world children's savings bank. The exact amount allocated to each childwasn’t disclosed, but a former Gates Foundation employee told the Journal that each child would receive thousands of dollars that “siton a shelf, like a battle plan” for baby beneficiaries."
Chloe Berger, FORTUNE, 27 June 2022





WarrenBuffett, in partnership with Bill Gates — who must agree to release Buffett's$56 billion from the Gates Foundation — is uniquely positioned to start savingthe lives of women in the anti-abortion states and make our world a betterplace for generations to come.


Wanted:a direct marketer who can persuade Buffett and Gates that preventing theenslavement of American women (and saving their lives) is money better spentthan giving away thousands of dollars to every kid on the planet.  



Finally, Why $90 Billion? 

— For starters,huge start-up costs. Doubling the size of facilities in the abortion-OK statesto accommodate the vast influx of patients and staff from anti-abortion states.

—Moving expenses, salaries and housing for health care personnel fromout-of-states.


—The current crop of judicial and legislative bad actors will be around for manyyears. Their ages: (Alito, 72. Barrett, 50. Gorsuch, 54. Kavanaugh, 57. Thomas,74.) My guess it will be 30 years before this evil decision to overturn Roe v.Wade can itself be overturned—if ever.


—This organization cannot be dependent on the kindness and generosity oftraditional fundraising efforts. THE RIGHT TO LIFE: YOURS! must be considered separate from the federaland state governments and not subject to the wackadoodle financial whims of ahostile congress and judiciary.


—Think of THE RIGHT TO LIFE: YOURS! being akin to an ironclad private universityendowment where — no matter what kind of financial or radical opinion-drivenshit comes down the pike in the future — these institutions of higher learningwill be financially safe and can continue their great work with or withouttuition. (e.g., Harvard, $41.9 B; Yale, $31.1 B; Stanford, $28.9 B; Princeton,$25.9 B; MIT, $18, 381 B.)


—In short, the safety and good health of all women — U.S. citizens, non-citizens,regardless of race, creed and color — can be guaranteed forever.


Recent Developments


Plan C: Making available Abortion Pills. A partial solution.Abortion pills have been safely used by millions around the world for 40 years.In some European countries up to 90% of all abortions are "medicationabortions." The virulent crazies will do their damnedest to prevent theU.S. Mail, USPS, FedEx or in-person messengers from delivering thesemedicines."


FDA weighsfirst-ever application for over-the-counter birth control pills in the wake ofRoe’s fall

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing a first-of-its-kindapplication from HRA Pharma, wh.ich is seeking permission to sell its birthcontrol without a prescription. If green-lit by the agency, Opill would becomethe first daily, hormonal birth control pill sold over the counter in theUnited States, the company announced Monday morning, broadening access tomillions of people who have struggled to obtain a prescription.
—Alice Miranda Ollstein, Politco, 07/11/2022


•"Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines.Some advocacy groups and their allies are crafting legislative language thatcould be adopted in Republican-led state capitals.
—CarolineKitchener and Devlin Barrett, The Washington Post

Abortion: Prison and the Death Penalty. On the booksin myriad states are "trigger laws" that are activated now that Roev. Wade is kaput. The litany of terror for "guilty" women include firstdegree murder charges, the death penalty, long jail terms, huge fines. A grimroundup from The Crime Report, Center on Media Crimeand Justice at John Jay College.



Wordcount: 3,128

At age 15, Denny Hatch—as a lowly apprentice—wrote his first news release for a Connecticut summer theater. To his astonishment it ran verbatim in The Middletown Press.He was instantly hooked on writing. After a two-year stint in the U.S. Army (1958-60), Denny had nine jobs in his first 12 years in business. He was fired from five of them and went on to save two businesses and start three others. One of his businesses—WHO’S MAILING WHAT! newsletterand archive service founded in 1984—revolutionized the science of how to measure the success of competitors’ direct mail. In the past 55 yearshe has been a book club director, magazine publisher, advertising copywriter/designer, editor, journalist and marketing consultant. He is the author of four published novels and seven books on business and marketing.



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May I send you an alert when each new blog is posted? Ifso, kindly give me the okay by send
ing your First Name, Last Name and email to dennyhatch@yahoo.com. I guarantee your personal information will not be shared with anyone at any time for any reason. The blog is afree service. No cost. No risk. No obligation. Cancel any time. I look forward to being in touch!

Googleowns Blogspot.com and this Comment Section. If you do not have a Googleaccount — or if you find it too damn complicated — contact me directly and Iwill happily post your comment with a note that this is per your permission. Thank you and do keep in touch.

Invitation to Marketers and Direct Marketers: 
Guest Blog Posts Are Welcome. 
If you have a marketing story to tell, case history, concept to propose or a memoir, give a shout. I’ll get right back to you.

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