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#135 Blogpost Women's Right to Choose
Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert
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Wednesday, September 8, 2021





#135 Blog Post - Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Posted by Denny Hatch

AMarketer’s Plan to Guarantee
Every Women's Right to Choose

Dear Direct MarketingColleague,


As if all of us didn’thave enough ugly news to deal with, Texas just iced the mudpie.


This cranky blog was launchedin April 2018 in hopes of helping to correlate old-fashioned direct marketing knowhowinto the very different new world of digital communications. 


Sixteen weeks later—-inApril 2018—the specter was raised of women being forced revert to the barbaricpractice of using wire coat hangers and knitting needles as the final solutionto their right to choose.


I was as appalled then asI am now.


During my 60-year careerin marketing, the continual challenge was (and is) coming up with practicalsolutions to solve knotty problems. I scribbled off a letter to my great friendand colleague Roger Craver, the country’s best-known liberal fund raiser.


The situation was not asdire three years ago as it is today. Roger suggested I was ahead of my time.


You are invited to judge myearly blog post in light of this week’s development… and add your thoughts inthe Comment Section.


Or… email me direct withyour thinking and, if you care to, give me permission to run your words in the Comment Section. Dennyhatch@yahoo.com.


Thank you.

ISSUE #16 — Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Posted by Denny Hatch

TO:            Roger

FROM:       Denny Hatch

DATE:        July 24, 2018

       How to Forever Guarantee            
All Women's Right to Choose

Dear Roger,
Several years ago, we discussed the potentialthreat to Roe v. Wade and what to do were it repealed.

• Back then Obama was POTUS. 

• SCOTUS was reasonable. 

• God was in Her heaven. 

Alas, with the Kennedy resignation plus thewackadoodle Trump Cultist Congress, the situation is suddenly dicey to dire.

Ifthe idea described below flies, no matter what SCOTUS, POTUS, lower courts, Congress or the states decide about Roe v. Wade, safe abortions will be forever available—free—to all women of child-bearing age in America.
From Politico.com
State abortion ballots prepare for post-Roe world
Many states have turned to both ballotmeasures and legislation to enact abortion policy in the event of a dramaticSupreme Court decision.


The key sentence:
If you live inCalifornia, Oregon, Washington, New York State or Massachusetts, it’s prettylikely that abortion will remain legal like it was in New York and Washingtonbefore Roe.

Elsewhere—especiallyfor desperate rural poor and minority women—it’s back to the 19th century—wirecoat hangers, medical quacks, fatal infections, fetal agony, infanticide and suicides.

Step 1
• Giveme 15 minutes with Warren Buffet to propose a new profit center forhis NetJets.

• Followed by one-on-one meetings with other rich-rich FORBES 400s—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, GeorgeSoros, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, etc.

• Set up a501c3 corporation.

• Fund agreeablehospitals in those states permitting abortions to expand into major women’shealth centers to handle the influx of women.

Make available free condoms, freebirth control pills, free morning-after pills.

• Set up anational communications and transportation network to enable women in need tocome and go to and from these facilities on short notice—via Uber, Lyft, motor coach,puddle-jumper aircraft and—for long distances—Buffet’s NetJets.

 • Timetargets: 18 hours max round-trip point-to-point (e.g., Indiana - NewYork is 737 miles. NetJets).

• Extended timefor difficult cases.

Step 2
• When Democrats reclaim afederal majority, sponsor a bill whereby U.S. Passport requirements are waivedin the case of 18-hour excursions in and out of the country. Call them“Temporary Health Exit-Return Visas” (THERV’s).

• Locate hospitals/clinics inCanada & Mexico on the U.S. borders. Perhaps 4 on each border. Startwith communities very close to the U.S. border with existing hospitals orclinics to be upgraded (including good housing for the workers). Plus, ofcourse, near-by world-class airports. (See below for two possible venues.)

Negotiate with Canada andMexico. This should be an attractive proposition to these two governments, asthe major expansion of several health facilities will improve the lifestyle ofthe local communities and account for an influx of new jobs.

• Supply each agreed-uponvenue a big infusion of cash to expand into world-class women’s healthfacilities.

• Set up a nationwidecommunications and transportation system for pregnant women of any age inAmerica to access these facilities for safe, 18-hour travel and terminationprocedures—Free.

• Employ Buffet’s NetJets forlong distance travel; use motor vehicles, helicopters and piston puddle-jumpersfor shorter distances.


Word Count: 497

If you agree with the above, kindly forward this post to friends, family, colleagues plus your state and federal representatives. Thank you.

Note to Readers:  
May I send you an alert when each new blog isposted? Ifso, kindly give me the okay by sending your First Name, Last Name and e-mailto dennyhatch@yahoo.com. I guarantee your personal information will not beshared with anyone at any time for any reason. I look forward to being intouch!

Invitation to Marketers and Direct Marketers:Guest blog posts are welcome. 
If you have a marketing story to tell, case history,concept to propose or a memoir, give a shout. I’ll get right back to you.Kindly stay within the limit of 500 words.) My email: dennyhatch@yahoo.com.

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  1. Alas,Denny, faster than you can get all this done, SCOTUS and other forces that hate giving women control over their own bodies would find ways to defeat it. Abortion clinics in Canada? The news this morning was about the Trump government's refusing to allow a Canadian citizen entry into the United States because he had invested — invested! — in a corporationthat raises marijuana in a state where doing so is legal.

    The only way to get rid of horrid anti-abortion (and soon to come, anti-birth control) laws is to get the bastards behind them out of powerand, in some cases, into prison where they belong.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to Comment.
    The reason for the 2 Step plan is:
    Step 1 can be executed NOW while women's right to choose is legal is some states.
    Step 2 is post 2018/20 where a dramatic change in government will allow for passage pf as short-term temporary health exception to Passport regulations. This plan will then circumvent all state and federal anti-abortion laws.

  3. YourNew York Crank may be a little over the top Denny but his bottom line seems right on. Get the bastards out of power. They know not what they destroy.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Peter.
      Based on the incoming today, it's depressingly obvious how wildly split the country is. I invited all wrote in to post their comments in this section, hoping to generate some debate. I love discussion—pro and con. Makes for interesting reading.
      Thanks again. Cheers.

  4. Brilliant.Thank you. I'm glad I know you. Also, once established. doctors in homestates will make themselves available for post-operative consultation, if needed.

  5. Denny –

    Ididn’t think you could get any higher in my level of respect, but somehow your blog today added an additional rung to my ladder. You haveballs and I admire them.

    Quick story: One of the greatest men I've ever had the honor of knowing was an OBGYN and Jewish. He was a rare Jew – he was predominantly conservative and typically voted Republican. Yet he voted both times for Clinton. When I asked him why,his answer went far beyond politics and showed what an incredible humanand caregiver he was.

    He was born in 1920. At the time, we lived in Columbus, Ohio and he told me that at least 3 times a month andfor as far back as he could recall (prior to Roe v Wade), he’d get called into the emergency room to fix some back-alley coat-hanger hack-job gone wrong. Columbus was a city of about 500,000±, and at thattime there were probably around 125 OBGYN’s. Imagine if 125 got calledin just twice a month – that’s 250 hack-job fixes each and every month.Cut it in half - still... 125 fixes per month is atrocious and horrifying.

    He said some of the hack-jobs damaged women’s reproductive organs for life, and he didn’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and thus voted for Clinton. This is a perspective no one isreally thinking and/or talking about.

    Here’s something else to think about:

    • How many babies are legally adopted in the USA each year? 200,000.

    • How many legal abortions are performed in the USA each year? 1,000,000

    • So if abortion is no longer legal, where are the “spare” 800,000 babies going to end up each year?

    o Let’s assume because of the law change that another 200,000 women choose to keep their unwanted babies. That leaves 600,000.

    o Certainly the biggest protest group (churches) won’t take 600,000…
    What are we to do with them?

    We’re creating a massive social problem that no one’s talking about – or perhaps even thinking about.

    FoxNews is telling too many people in America what to think. We don’t conclude anymore. We let Fox do that for us without thinking thru all the ramifications.

    Again Denny – you are amazing!

    1. Will, thank you, thank you.
      Isure wish to hell all readers would voice their feelings as you did. And I'm talking about feelings pro and con. Debate is good. Healthy. A major element in our history—and success—over the past 3 centuries. Cheers.

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