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12 News Releases --- Diversity – School Safety – Zoom Hacking
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Friday, June 19, 2020


12 News Releases --- Diversity – School Safety – Zoom Hacking

1) Reclaiming Diversity Management: A D&I Reboot

Reclaiming Diversity Management: A D&I Reboot

Despite the rash of new appointments to the role of Chief Diversity Officer in all kinds of institutions, many offices of D&I are considered marginal, nonessential, or lip service. Organizations seldom can sustain efforts like that even during normal times. In times of crisis or disruption, it is even more of a challenge. So how can we avoid the decline of D&I efforts during times of crisis and dislocation? Here are some ideas that may help.

Upgrade or Reboot

If your D&I efforts were adding tangible value to the enterprise before the crisis, it would be criminal to lose that value after the crisis. It may be an opportunity to upgrade your efforts to make D&I a more central part of your strategy execution. On the other hand, if you cannot claim any added value from your current D&I efforts, the crisis may provide you a chance to rethink your D&I approach and reboot (or eliminate) D&I as part of your business process. Rethinking begins with asking "Why" (what business problem are we trying to solve with our D&I efforts?)

Name: James O. Rodgers, CMC

Group: The Diversity Coach™

Dateline: Lithonia, GA United States

Direct Phone: 770-482-9452




2) Removing Police from Schools -- Campus Safety Alliance

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, there have been calls to defund law enforcement agencies across the United States. As a result, some voices are calling for the removal of School Resource Officers (SROs) and other law enforcement officers from schools across the country. Proponents of the change argue police officers in school increase fear and anxiety among students of color. They further claim these officers pose a greater risk to the safety of students, specifically students of color, than the risk of a school shooting.

Is there data that supports these claims? One study being touted as evidence of the impact police presence has on the attitudes of black students examined the effects of Operation Impact in New York. Oddly enough, the researchers found, "The findings for school-related attitudes show no evidence that Operation Impact influenced school-related attitudes". Another study explored the disciplinary actions and attendance in schools that received grant funding to hire SROs. The study found an increase in suspension rates and a decrease in student attendance rates at these sites, however, the research suggests the possibility of a correlation between these variables, not causation.

Name: Morgan Ballis, M.S. EM

Title: Director of Strategic Planning & Training

Group: Campus Safety Alliance

Direct Phone: 833-722-6787




3) Innovation Women Acquires My Speaker Leads

Acquisition Includes Access to Thousands of Event Managers and Event Leads

Boston – June 17, 2020) Today, Innovation Women announced the acquisition of My Speaker Leads, an online resource that provides speakers with 100 speaking opportunity leads every week. Innovation Women will be using My Speaker Leads to build on its offerings and offer new services. Financial details were not disclosed in the private sale.

Founded by professional speaker Matt Ward, My Speaker Leads is a service for speakers who focus on paid speaking opportunities. The My Speaker Leads research team gives speakers more than 100 leads weekly.

"My Speaker Leads has an enormous database of speaking opportunities and event managers looking to hire speakers," said Bobbie Carlton, founder and CEO of Innovation Women. "Combining this with our existing database will help Innovation Women continue to provide our speakers with opportunities, even as the events world undergoes a forced evolution. Event managers have had to cancel, postpone or go virtual. Having free access to a database of great speakers and subject matter experts like Innovation Women helps them move forward efficiently.

Name: Bobbie Carlton

Group: Innovation Women

Dateline: Lexington, MA United States

Direct Phone: 781-457-6112




4) Five Ways to Deal with Adversity

Here are some of the discussion points:

True or false – you can't prepare for it…

True or false – most adversity is temporary…

True or false – adversity is perceived differently by different people…

True or False – we should accept that adversity is an in that inevitable in our lives…

Given that our perceptions of what is adversity and what isn't may vary, it will still exist. So when it happens, now how do we handle it?

These are the 5 points that I made during the discussion:

Perfect Present. In order to deal with adversity, we need to have our perceptions and emotions in the present. A coaching strategy I like is to believe that the present is where the only true control of your emotion lies. By embracing this concept, it enables us to attempt to manage our perceptions about whatever adversity we need to address. It has been said many times that 10% of life what happens to you and 90% is how you react and/or respond to it.

Make peace with the situation. With any adversity, the target of moving toward acceptance can help us get through it. Depending on the level of adversity, it may be that you'll need to go through the 5 stages of grief to get to accepting the new situation. No one said it would be easy. By taking stock of what you have done previously, where you have been, what else you have endured, you can possibly enable yourself to get point of acceptance.

Go at it with "the heart of a lion." In working to deal with adversity, your proactive approach can be very useful moving from victim to victorious. By believing in your abilities, trusting yourself, you can embrace your ability to deal with adversity

Name: Marsha Egan, CPCU, PCC

Title: CEO

Group: InboxDetox.com, a division of The Egan Group, Inc.

Dateline: Nantucket, MA United States

Direct Phone: 610-777-3795

Main Phone: 877-749-4036

Cell Phone: 610-780-1640




5) How To Eliminate The Guilt Of Success

When I talk to executives at companies who are experiencing Black-Friday-like sales every day of the week or having unprecedented sales growth I tell each of them the same:

Don't feel or act guilty for your success.

That reinforces a false narrative that the whole world is suffering, failing, and falling into despair.

Of course, you cannot be tone-deaf in your communications, marketing, customer interactions, employee, or community involvement. BUT that doesn't mean you need to be silent or avoid talking about your success.

Everyone wants to hear a positive story, you just need to let go of the guilt of not wanting to share it.

It isn't enough to be brilliant, you have to be brilliant at demonstrating your brilliance.

So I would love to hear - how is your business booming and what is a recent success you want to share?

Here is my guilt-free share of success. In addition to Amazon UK and Amazon's Kindle US bestsellers list my new book has now hit the Porchlight Business Best Sellers list for May at #7, if you are looking for a brilliant read, please buy #5 It's About Damn Time by Arlan Hamilton, I was lucky to be part of Arlan's Preview Book Club and it is a great story of how Arlan broke through the typical boys club of Silicon Valley to launch a successful VC firm Backstage Capital.

Name: Val Wright Consulting LLC

Group: Val Wright Consulting

Dateline: South Pasadena, CA United States

Direct Phone: 626 387 7600

Main Phone: 1800 455 0910




Six) Don't Believe These Four Common Publishing Myths

Publishing Myth 1 : Publishing is just a creative process.

In fact, publishing is a business process. Writing is a creative process.

If you self-publish your book, you become a publisher. In fact, you open a publishing business. Therefore, you need to approach this creative activity from a business perspective.

If you traditionally publish your book, you go into a business partnership with a publishing house. The publishing company becomes your venture capital partner. Its executives expect you not only to produce the manuscript, which they then manufacture (turn into a book) and distribute to bookstores, but to be a good business partner. They want to work with a writer who can help sell the book

Name: Nina Amir

Title: Inspiration to Creation Coach

Group: CopyWright Communications

Dateline: Los Gatos, CA United States

Direct Phone: 408-353-1943

Cell Phone: 408-499-1084




7) Keeping Your Zoom Event Secure and Private

You definitely don't want anyone taking control of your screen or sharing information with the group. Thankfully, you can restrict this by controlling screen sharing. Preventing participants in your meeting from sharing is done by using the host controls before starting the meeting.

You also might want to familiarize yourself with the features and settings available from Zoom. The Waiting Room, for instance, has a number of controls available, and is a setting you should always be using. It essentially allows you to control who comes in. As a host, you can customize all of these settings, and even create a message for people waiting for the meeting to start, such as meeting rules.

You shouldn't use your PMI, or Personal Meeting ID for hosting public events. You also only want to allow users who are signed in to join your meeting. You can also lock the Zoom meeting. This means that no new participants can join, even if they have the meeting ID and the password.

Another thing you can do is set up your own version of two-factor authentication. With this, you can generate a random Meeting ID, and then share that with participants, but then only send the password via a direct message.

Name: Robert Siciliano

Title: Personal Security and Identity Theft Expert

Group: Identity Theft Expert and Speaker

Dateline: Boston, MA United States

Direct Phone: (617)329-1182




8) Recently released film in a mixed-race relationship in a near future when racial roles are reversed

At one time, distributors didn't want to touch the film Reversal, because they feared the blowback from a story dealing with a mixed-race relationship during a time of social turmoil in the near future. It is a time where the blacks and Hispanics are in power and whites have become an underclass. The film features a Romeo and Juliet type romance between two high school seniors -- a popular black high school jock from a socially prominent family and a white girl from a poor family. Making the relationship even more difficult, her father becomes a protest leader after being unfairly dismissed from a factory job.

But now that the Blacks Lives Matter movement has exploded into public consciousness in response to the killing of George Floyd, there is renewed concern with racial inequality in America and a new determination to make changes in society to address this long history of injustice to Black Americans. This new interest is shown by the increasing interest of the American public in educating themselves about this past history, reflected in the booming interest in books on racial justice. For example, almost all of the top-selling books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble are about race and anti-racism, and 15 of these books hit the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list. The recently released film Just Mercy is about a Harvard- educated lawyer who goes to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned, including a Black man on death row, despite a lack of evidence he committed the crime. The film ends with all the charges against him dropped and his release from prison.

Name: Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D.

Title: Director

Group: Changemakers Publishing and Writing

Dateline: Lafayette, CA United States

Direct Phone: 925-385-0608

Main Phone: 925-385-0608

Cell Phone: 510-919-4030




9) How Small Business Owners Can Successfully Navigating The Covid-19 Crisis

At a recent Covid-19 town hall meeting in which I participated, the moderator, Dr. Gerald A. Turner, outlined five steps for successfully navigating the Covid-19 crisis. His five steps include: (i) understanding the turbulence & disruptive forces at play, (ii) evaluating the health & wellbeing of your business, (iii) developing a recovery plan to best leverage your resources (iv) reviewing & reinventing your business model for the long haul, and (v) executing your plan for the journey ahead.

In Dr. Turner's first step, understanding the forces at play, he outlined three different factors: economic factors, pandemic or people factors, and business factors.

With respect to the economic factors, we recently learned that in the first quarter of 2020, GDP in the US shrunk by 4.8%. Given the inevitable continuation of this trend in Q2 2020, in two weeks, we will officially be in a recession. At minimum, recessions lasts six months, and businesses are already bracing for this economic downturn.

Name: James J Talerico Jr, CMC (c)

Title: Founder & CEO

Group: Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.


Dateline: Irving, TX United States

Direct Phone: 800-828-7585

Cell Phone: 972-816-1666



10) Printing Gold with 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

It was just last year when Apple Inc. (AAPL) announced that the company had exceeded a market value of $1 Trillion. How did they become the first company with a trillion-dollar valuation? It is my opinion that it was Steve Jobs', and now Tim Cook's, relentless focus on simplicity. Both understood that it would not be easy

and that it would take unwavering tenacity to achieve their vision.

"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

- Steve Jobs

How does this concept translate to Operations and Supply Chain?

Let's start with the fact that very few companies go from zero to $100 Million, or $1 Billion in valuation overnight. They start with a $50K or $100K purchase order, followed by a $200K or $500K PO, then the acquisition of a competitor, and before you know it, they're at $100 million in sales.

Name: Arthur Koch

Group: Arthur Koch Management Consulting Inc.

Dateline: Miami, FL United States

Direct Phone: 336-260-9441




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Name: Mitchell Davis

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12) The Small Business Administration and their troubling Definition of "Small"

"Lumping 500-person companies and five-person gift shops together guaranteed that behemoths would trample the Main Street shops on their way to the front of the assistance line." – Jake Ward, President of the Connected Commerce Council.

…… I came upon an eye-opening letter to the Wall Street Journal from Jake Ward, President of the Connected Commerce Council. The letter, "The Really Small Business Administration," challenges the Small Business Administration for categorizing "small businesses" that are eligible for the Payback Protection Program (PPP) loans as those with less than 500 people.

Name: Richard Gottlieb

Title: CEO

Group: Richard Gottlieb and Associates, LLC

Dateline: New York, NY United States

Cell Phone: 646-675-3019




13) Community Currencies — Questions and Answers

Q1: What is money and what is its purpose?

A: Money is a credit instrument that facilitates the exchange of value. That's a simply as I can state it.

Q2: Who can or should issue a currency?

A: Any business can issue a currency (essentially an IOU) to suppliers, who are willing to accept it. But to make it credible and acceptable to them, the issuer must be ready, willing, and able to redeem it in a timely manner. They redeem it by accepting it back as payment for the goods or services they sell. That's all there is to it. But, it's better if a group of sellers do this together with other others rather than singly. That can be done by organizing a mutual credit clearing circle (trade exchange) as I've described in numerous writings and presentations, e.g., Credit Clearing – Pure and Simple.

Name: Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

Title: Consultant

Dateline: Tucson, AZ United States

Cell Phone: 520-820-0575





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