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10 Fake Tweet Generators to Engage Your Followers
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Fake tweet generators are powerful yet simple programs that allow users to create fake tweets. With these tools, you can alter any element of a post, including views, text, images, likes, retweets, and comment numbers. The tools generate an image output, which you can share on various social media accounts. Before you think this is an inauthentic way of using social media, keep reading!

What the Heck is a Fake Tweet Generator?!?

Have you ever seen a tweet on Instagram? You know, a screenshot of someone seemingly sharing their tweet on Instagram in a visual format to generate engagement? While that could have been an actual tweet that was screenshot, more often it was created using a fake tweet generator.

A fake tweet generator can help you create any tweet you want, and even customize the username and engagement numbers to make it look real. If not used responsibly, the engagement numbers could be exaggerated and you might be duped.

That is why it is important to understand these fake tweet generators both from a marketer and social media user perspective.

In other words, tweet generators allow you to create tweets out of the blue and fake engagement. It’s worth mentioning these aren’t tweets per se, and you can’t “add” them to your regular social media profile. Instead, these are just fake images of published tweets that make people think that someone posted something online.

With a fake tweet generator, you can impersonate a company. If you have enough clout, you can make people think that a large brand or influencer posted something on Twitter that isn’t true. These programs allow you to set tweet views, comments, retweets, and likes, fooling users that you’ve had a viral tweet.

Why on Earth Would I Want to Use a Fake Tweet Generator?

The original use case scenario for a fake tweet generator comes from trying to display text on a visual social network like Instagram. As influencers posted these tweets on Instagram, we became used to seeing them. However, because images generate more engagement than text posts, they can be used throughout social media as a replacement to a text post.

Fake tweet generators are perfect solutions for anyone who wants to generate engagement. For example, you can share a fake tweet on your account that might seem funny, or that features a clever response. Some of these interactions might sound so ludicrous that everyone who sees them will share them with other users, thus boosting your Twitter stats. 

Among other things, these programs allow users to create deepfakes or to impersonate a high-profile influencer. For example, you can make it look as if a famous person interacted with your Twitter account or recommended your brand. 

Generally speaking, fake tweet generators are malicious in nature, and I wouldn’t recommend them to any serious businessperson. I’ve never used one of these tools, but I know they can be rather powerful when implemented correctly. That said, my suggestion is to only use this software when you want to replicate Twitter format, but not necessarily for faking engagement. However, understanding their existence is important to raise your social media literacy!

10 Cool Fake Tweet Generators

With these online tweet generators, you can create a bunch of posts for your account. While most of these software are similar, they usually have a feature or two that distinguish them from the competition. 

1. Tweet Hunter

TweetHunter Fake Tweet Generator

If you’re looking to create playful, AI-generated tweets, you should consider using Tweet Hunter. This cutting-edge tweet generator has a simple user interface that resembles a real post. All you have to do is insert a hilarious message, export tweet image, and change the number of likes, bookmarks, quotes, and retweets. 

On top of these basic functions, Tweet Hunter also allows you to change the background color (used for preview only). There’s also an option to edit the message, if necessary, and copy it for later use. The online tool allows direct downloads, which is another nifty option. 

2. Hypefury

Hypefury Fake Tweet Generator

Hyperfury is a comprehensive social media platform that provides numerous features and tools for your campaigns. Besides helping you create post content, the software also comes with sales and marketing functions. You can use this incredible program to build prospect lists, interact with users, and supercharge your social media efforts.

The company also offers its users a fake Twitter tweet generator. An interesting thing about it is that you can generate ordinary messages but also fake replies, suspend user and block user messages. Like other programs from this list, you can change the number of retweets, quote tweets, likes, and bookmarks with Hyperfury or randomize these numbers.

The thing that differentiates this program from others on the list is the fact you can adjust your message time. You can confuse people by putting yourself in a different zone, which might also add credibility to your fictional tweets. 

3. Popupsmart

Popupsmart Fake Tweet Generator

Similar to Hyperfury, Popupsmart wasn’t initially a tweet tool. As the name indicates, this software was originally created to help marketers, influencers, and other users generate pop-ups for their websites. Besides increasing the number of subscribers, this tool can boost your social sharing and conversions and reduce cart abandonment. 

The company’s generator with images allows you to change just about any field. Besides inserting your text (which can be generated with AI) and a custom image, you can also modify your avatar image and handle. A thing that I like about this post creator tool is that you can also insert the Verified checkmark to add authenticity to your messages. 

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4. Code Beautify

Code Beautify Fake Tweet Generator

For the most part, Code Beautify is a software that shortens and improves the appearance of your codes. It also comes with numerous other text tools that simplify your messages, texts, and social media posts. For example, you can use its Facebook post generator tool, screenshot beautifier, meta tag generator, and many other nifty tools.

Among other things, the company also offers a tool for fake Twitter posts. I simply love the number of customization options you get with this small program. You can change the theme color, insert a fake profile picture, change your name and username, and introduce fake Twitter messages. 

You can also introduce up to four Twitter images, which is vital when creating reply chains. You can also set a date and time and change the source (Twitter for Android, iPhone, and web). Of course, you can also alter the number of likes, replies, views, and retweets on your Twitter content. 

5. Fake Tweet Hunter

Fake Tweet Hunter Fake Tweet Generator

With this nifty tool, you can easily and quickly generate artificial messages that will resemble real tweets. As with many other programs from this list, Fake Tweet Hunter gives you the option of choosing between dark, dim, and light background themes. You can also insert a blue checkmark badge to make for more authentic tweets.

The software allows you to upload your image, choose a name and username, and insert a fake Twitter message. I also love the fact you can modify data and time, as well as change the number of retweets, quote tweets, and likes. There’s also an option to choose your client, i.e., the device you’re using. 

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6. LiveChat AI

Live Chat AI Fake Tweet Generator

LiveChat AI is a platform that relies on artificial intelligence to create effective chatbots. The software allows you to integrate advanced chatbots into your communication channels, adding them to your website, social media, WhatsApp, Slack, and other messaging programs.

Although this was a bit strange decision, the company also decided to create a Twitter generator for its users. The software is your run-of-the-mill generator, allowing you to insert convincing tweet images, avatar image, profile name, username, and text and to modify the number of likes, retweets, and replies. 

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7. Media Modifier

Media Modifier

With Media Modifier, you can create incredible mockups for all sorts of devices, items, and digital platforms. Among other things, this is a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who want to create materials for their campaigns or streamline their usual marketing workflows.

Unlike other entries on the list, Media Modifier doesn’t only add false information to your tweets; it also introduces a fake tweet template. You can change the font and color of different elements and alter their contrast, opacity, and brightness. Of course, the tool also allows you to introduce a new user handle, tweet body, and other data. 

8. Zeeob


Zeeob is a platform that can generate all sorts of fake posts for your social accounts. Besides tweets, this software allows you to create fake Instagram posts, fake TikToks, fake Facebook posts, and DMs for various social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat).

As for Twitter, you can introduce all sorts of data to your post. Besides changing your avatar name and image, you can also introduce false text and tweet images. Among other things, the tool can perform fact-checking for you, bringing even more authenticity to every tweet you publish. 

My favorite thing about Zeeob, and what separates it from other tools on the market, is its comment generator. You can create long threads of replies to your post, making it feel as if people actually interacted with you. As such, the tool is fantastic for creating false conversations and gaining clout on Twitter. 

9. Tuck Tools

Tucker Tools

Tuck Tools platform somewhat resembles Code Beautify. It offers numerous small, free tools to its users, most of which are for social media. For example, you can use Instagram bio maker, top YouTube music videos, LinkedIn hashtag generator, and other tools on this website. Besides social platform tools, users can tinker with website management tools and development tools.

Its tweet generator looks rather generic, resembling some of the other entries on the list. You have the standard options such as theme color, avatar image uploading, and text creation. Users can also set the time and date of their tweets, change the client, and alter quote, like, and retweet numbers. You can also choose whether to show or hide the Twitter badge. 

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If you’re looking for powerful social media software to automate your workflow, you should go with Nuelink. The program excels at scheduling, allowing users to create a content plan that will cover several months of posting. I also like the program’s management features as well as its content recycling functionality.

The Nuelink tweet generator is rather simplistic and intuitive. You can use it to create fake tweets by altering post text and images. As with other tools on my list, this program allows you to change the number of views, likes, retweets, and comments. 

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You need to use fake tweet generators with lots of care. While these tools are rather fun and can generate fake web interactions, they can cost you all your followership if people figure you out. Still, there are situations where the use of fake generators is ok, such as when wanting to utilize the Twitter template or posting your thoughts in a visual format.

Have you ever used a fake tweet generator? Planning on using one? Would love to hear about your experience! 

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