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Strike a Profile for Profit MLM Training
Gloria Starr -- Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Image Gloria Starr -- Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Image
Charlotte, NC
Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Gloria Starr, trainer and business coach for men and women has worked in 60 + countries and with more than 125 nationalities. Clients include Amway, Aramco, Aviya, Avon, Disney, Emirate Airways, Google, Herbal Life, Mary Kay, Oriflame, Shaklee, Tops and Trends and Weekenders.

Gloria Starr shares her insights, formula and secrets to leveraging your visual integrity and influence, networking and communication skills, how to connect with anyone, anytime and anywhere, generate more referrals and income and inspire and motivate your MLM and Network Marketing team.

Testimonials for Gloria Starr, Global Training Icon

"Dear Gloria, May I start by thanking you for a wonderful and life changing week of training, for your generosity in sharing your expertise and for being you, whom I simply adore. It is not very often that I meet someone who really inspires me with every word and every movement. Any student of yours who implements even half of what you taught will be a great success.

Knowledge and good values are the quickest and safest path to success. Your Image and Etiquette Certification training encapsulates all of the strategies that are required to excel as an image and etiquette consultant and to present one's self at his or her best. In this life changing training, I learned how to achieve maximum effectiveness and to aim for excellence in all aspects of my life. 

From the moment I registered for your training, my learning started. Your knowledge, integrity and determination to make every student their professional best was like a life force that brought out all of the good in me and challenged me to grow out of my old self and become the person I was destined to be. Thank you for showing me how to bring forth my best, for giving me so much more than I expected and for just being you – beautiful, excellent and a great coach and the leader in your industry!" MonaLisa

"Gloria, your wealth of knowledge on every aspect from appearance to gestures to personal and group interaction was remarkable. Most impressive was your ability to customize the training information to incorporate our business goals and the personal goals of each of the management team. The most dramatic impact on the management team was your assessment of the various personalities, communication styles and how this affected the working relationship of the team." L Ladu - Vice President

"I have watched Gloria work her magic on the famous, the common, on the executive and the housewife, on children and on grandparents. Gloria Starr is one of our Nation's premier experts on impression management, etiquette and communication skills. What she teaches – proper conduct, manners and etiquette are superb contributions to the heart and soul of this Country. Wherever Gloria goes, people become better citizens!" M. Locke

MLM and Network Marketing training and coaching by Gloria Starr includes content on:

ways to increase your personal and professional magnetism,
the look of leadership – visual integrity in our casual world, speaking with influence – body language and gestures, NLP and communication essentials, how to read a person like a book using all five modalities, etiquette, manners and the business and social graces of refinement, how to communicate for results using the DISC People Assessment tool, how to romance your products, how to inspire your team for peak performance and EXCEL in MLM and network marketing. Gloria Starr, the Global Expert of Choice.


Gloria Starr - Global Leader Image, Etiquette, Communications
Video Credentials http://youtu.be/iRwQBDX3oZ4
Business Management Consultant
Ranked in the Top 5% of Consultants by the United States of America
Author of 12 books, DVDs and MP3s
Master NLP Practitioner, Certified DiSC Personality and Behavioural Expert
Private Counsel to Royalty in the Middle and Far East
Advisor to Presidents of Companies and Countries, Foreign Dignitaries and Diplomats
Recipient of the Communication Guru Award of Excellence
Rated Excellent by the Society for the Advancement of Consulting
Building Bridges Between People, Customs, Cultures and Countries
Empowering People since 1983

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Name: Lady Gloria Starr
Title: Global Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Communication Coach
Dateline: Naples, FL United States
Direct Phone: 949-209-8802
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