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Global Academy Online - A Growing Force in Higher Education
Global Academy Online Global Academy Online
New York , NY
Saturday, May 21, 2016


Global Academy Online created the patent pending Gauntlet as the Blueprint for new university success. The Firm is one of an elite handful that offers a blueprint for developing total online accredited university colleges. It raises up new schools from the idea stage to approved, accredited and recognized college or university level status. 

The primary difference between Global Academy Online and other online so-called content providers is the fact that Global Academy Online will build an entire university whether new or as an add-on to an existing brick and mortar using its patent pending system. The system ensures ultimate success and delivery of curriculum from outstanding doctoral faculty. The hand-picked faculty selected for each new school are comparable in every respect to the finest faculty anywhere in the world and meet the most stringent of academic standards.

Professors and the Global Academy Online licensed degree programs are bonded in this unique, one of kind system that is offered exclusively to each new school it mentors. In every respect, Global Academy Online faculty and curriculum meet the regulatory requirements within every licensing jurisdiction in the world where any one of their developed new schools are domiciled.

Global Academy Online also offers a complimentary measurement of online colleges and universities free to the public. The eBook, authored by Dr. Fred DiUlus,and early pioneer in onine higher education, offers ratings of online university programs, a list of the world's best schools plus it lifts the veil of secrecy regarding rules and significance of college accreditation. The proprietary five point rating system places major emphasis on the one thing most important to students --The faculty and their ability to teach online.

Fred DiUlus PhD, is an online education pioneer and the inventor and father of online college ratings and rankings. He is the CEO of Global Academy Online and author and editor of the annual editions of the eBook Best and Worst Online Schools. Global Academy Online is the nation's #1 online builder of new online non-profit universities and blended accredited colleges.
Fred DiUlus, PhD
CEO and Dean
Global Academy Online
New York, NY
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