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Simple Steps for Meditation by Master Healer Deborah King
Deborah King -- Spiritual Teacher Deborah King -- Spiritual Teacher
Westlake Village , CA
Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Deborah King
Everyone is super busy and frantic these days, so it feels even more difficult to find time to slow down. With all of the extra technology today, we have all become mega-experts at multi-tasking. So how do you find time to take a deep breath and slow down?

The good news is you can slow down if you take the time to find your inner serenity and peace and make it a habit to meditate daily. With daily meditation, not only will you feel the amazing benefits on your mind, body, and soul, but you will find that your productivity will increase as well, so it truly behooves you to give daily meditation a shot!

There are some simple steps to help you fit meditation into your busy schedule:

Step One is to meditate when you first wake up! This one is the easiest to add to your daily routine because it happens before you shower or eat or check email and start feeling all those distractions that pull you in a million different directions. Start your day right!

Step Two is to try to find time later in the day before dinner for a second daily meditation. This one might be tougher if you work in a busy office all day, but not impossible! Try closing your door and putting a "Do Not Disturb" note on it for a few minutes or asking your assistant to hold all calls for a little while. You'll notice this afternoon meditation time will revitalize you and get you through the rest of your day.

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Master Healer Deborah King is The New York Times best-selling author of Be Your Own Shaman, which takes the reader on a one-of-a-kind journey into the powerful esoteric world of healing.

Deborah was a successful attorney in her 20s when a diagnosis of cancer sent her on a search for truth that radically changed her life. Before undergoing invasive surgery, she turned to alternative medicine and experienced an amazing remission at the hands of a healer. Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury an abusive childhood. Leaving the corporate arena for the tantalizing world of healers, sages, and shamans, Deborah studied ancient and modern healing systems, traveling far and wide to meet with extraordinary practitioners of energy medicine.

Her first book, the national bestseller Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You, explores the powerful relationship between the suppression of painful emotions and their impact on our health and happiness.

Deborah travels worldwide, helping thousands of people transform their lives through her experiential workshops. She hosts a popular weekly Hay House radio show and is featured regularly in broadcast, online, and print media, making frequent appearances on national TV.

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