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The Congressman Needs to Resign and Go To Stupid Prison
Leslie Ungar -- Leadership Coach Leslie Ungar -- Leadership Coach
Akron , OH
Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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Congressman Anthony Weiner needs to resign immediately: Proceed to Stupid Prison. There he can join former Governor Mark Sanford and a bevy of others who commit STUPID, yet not illegal acts. For this special group of usually men, we reserve STUPID PRISON.

First, I want him to resign. I want him to resign because anyone that stupid should not be voting on national and international issues. Anyone that ignorant of how Facebook and Twitter and all social media works, need not be a U.S. anything, especially not a voting member of Congress.

He needs to resign and go take remedial social media 101.

In this world there is no else besides you, who needs to wake up everyday with one single goal: to identify your value, communicate your value and protect your value. With these two years of STUPIDITY, as a congressman Weiner has no value left.

Weiner came from a district that has been represented by only five congressmen in almost 100 years. That represents a trust between constituents and their congressman.

A congressman has value in protecting their district, their state, and their country,

Weiner can no longer protect anything. With his poor judgment, I don't trust him to vote on Iraq, Israel, or I-Carly. A congressman votes on national and international issues. It is not only their very own district that they affect.

Weiner did not make a mistake. Nor did he exercise poor judgment. A mistake is calling someone by the wrong name. Poor judgment is not taking an umbrella.

He demonstrated poor decision-making, lack of integrity, lack of respect for his marriage, the institutions of government and he did it over and over and over again. He sexted and tweeted for weeks and months and years. Not really knowing for sure even the age of the recipient.

There is much that is wonderful about social media. Weiner demonstrates the worst of the media, the worst of congress, the worst of the male gender.

Whether or not his actions are illegal is really beside the point. I don't care.

THEY WERE STUPID. They were stupid over and over again.

He not only did not protect his value, he actively damaged it.

For this act, he needs to resign immediately and proceed to STUPID PRISON.
Leslie Ungar
Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.
Akron, OH
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