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Youth from Aging-In Homes Help Prepare A Feast for 300 Guests
YCS _Youth Consultation Service_ YCS _Youth Consultation Service_
East Orange , NJ
Monday, November 18, 2002


What are you doing for the holidays?

Although I called a business, contact, the first words I spoke were those of the above question.  Whether or not one of us was selling something didn't matter.  In the moment, we were each exchanging our personal news of the day.

Why would I do this?  It put the conversation and the budding relationship on a personal note first.  Building the personal relationship is every bit as important as building the business relationship.  Through the years we will occasionally be contacting, referring, and helping one another.  

Understanding the person behind the business helps enormously. This speaks to conversation with recruiters and hiring managers too.  Everyone enjoys a personal conversation.  Sometimes, in a relaxed moment, new ideas for introductions come about in this frame of mind.

The only caution is to not make assumptions of lifestyle or get into a game of one upmanship – showing your lfiestyle is more worthy than theirs.  I've seen it happen to the point where people lose business.  Keep it warm & friendly, and congratulate people as appropriate.  A genuine heart-based conversation travels many more miles than strictly business.

Extending goodwill will put you on the wave of the Smooth Sale!

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Diane Evans
Director, Marketing & PR
YCS (Youth Consultation Service)
Newark, NJ