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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Intriguing Stories From Different Venues and Viewpoints
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Curb Children“Curb Children”
by Carlos and Javier Avitia-Velazquez       

“Once a Punk, Always a Punk; Expect Nothing, Cherish Everything.” Los Angeles native David Leandro “Leo” Rial-Alvarez takes these mantras to heart. But what do they mean to an 18-year-old Latino Millennial dealing with the suicide of his close friend Aqua at his going-away party before his flight to college in New York? Especially when he left behind Astair, his childhood love, and all his other California friends?  

A subcultural coming-of-age tale, “Curb Children” embarks on an epic odyssey through strange, vibrant portions of the Los Angeles countercultural underground, circa the late 2000s. Rounded off with nostalgic, magical “dreams” guided by a punk-rock angel, Leo’s deceased Tio Angel, “Curb Children” shows what the past -- and future -- once held for a group of idealistic young Millennials.

Purchase at https://curbchildren.com/buy.

Segment of One“Segment of One”
by Michael Grigsby  

Newly retired marketing analyst Nick Vanderoff lost his wife last year to cancer. Now he just wants to relax and repair family relationships. He’s been spending time with his math-genius granddaughter and his estranged daughter. But a serial killer is on the loose, and traditional forensics have produced nothing. Nick has consulted for the police department before, but not on anything like this.  

Can he trust the algorithms that worked in the corporate world to flush out a madman? The answer becomes personal when Nick's projections thwart the killer’s plans, and he realizes the police are closing in on him. The sniper attacks escalate, and the killer turns toward Nick. Can Nick use his marketing skills to target a lethal segment of one to reveal himself?

Purchase at https://amzn.to/3yiN7sy.

Celebrating Their Lives“Celebrating Their Lives”
by Norah Machia  

Fourteen uplifting and inspirational profiles of families who sought meaningful ways to honor the loss of their loved ones by showing tremendous acts of kindness and compassion for others. As they faced the grieving process, these families worked through their pain by creating scholarship funds, supporting medical research and organizing community education programs with a goal of saving lives. Here they share their personal insights to provide hope and inspiration for others struggling with the tragic death of a loved one.  

By creating meaningful legacies, these families found comfort in their healing journeys and were given a lifelong opportunity to share the values and beliefs of those who passed away. Each profile provides valuable resource information to create your own legacy initiatives.

Purchase at https://amzn.to/3PhtmI8.

Karma Under Fire“Karma Under Fire”
by Love Hudson-Maggio  

Two societies collide: the trendy, upscale ultra-hip universe of Atlanta and the alluring, bound-by-tradition world of old India. Pressured by her “challenging” mother, Harlow Kennedy, an ambitious woman, agrees to marry politically ambitious pretty boy Addison Whitmore. The match will elevate Harlow’s social standing and guarantee financial security. The wedding will take place as soon as Harlow returns from her BFF's wedding in India.  

On the other side of the world, the parents of Tej Mayur, the hottest restauranteur in the hottest city in the South, are fretting about their son’s unmarried status. When Harlow and Tej find themselves seated together on a flight to New Delhi, sparks fly. When they touch down, they flee one another's company -- or so they think.

Purchase at https://bit.ly/3ProMXB.

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