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The Influencing Coach, Libby Wagner Announces New Workshop in Team Development

Libby Wagner- President, Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Have you already benefitted from Influencing Skills, Confrontation without Conflict and Managing for High Performance? Influencing Options has expanded its catalog of workshops to include new one day classes. One of these new workshops is all about Team Development.

Modern organizations rely on teams, including those that are crossfunctional, business units, formal and informal. What makes a great team? What obstacles prevent a team from reaching its potential?

This course builds on the Influencing Options courses, Influencing Skills and Managing for High Performance and Retention, to offer you some new tools for leading teams as well as refreshers of effective favorites. Your ability to lead a great team, one that quickly readjusts to change and chaos, one that succeeds in the midst of uncertainty and one that creates the results desired time and time again.

What about your team? Reaching your goals? Sustaining your success? Ready to take it to the next level? Utilize these practical, immediately useable skills to create your Great Team!

This new course in the Influencing Options catalog teaches participants how to:

?Assess your current team?s performance level

?Identify obstacles to accelerating your team

?Develop strategies to increase effectiveness and synthesis of team efforts

?Identify whether you?ve got a ?committee? or a ?team?

?Get honest about whether you?re standing in your team?s way

?Identify tactics to improving your leadership capabilities

Want to know more about this workshop or how you can begin to implement some of the tools Influencing Options has to offer? You can contact us by email at info@libbywagner.com. Libby is also available for interviews on this topic.

Libby Wagner
Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Seattle, WA